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More than 24 years ago we started developing software. In doing so, we try to outdo ourselves every time and that’s how our proven packaging platform TrackOnline was established. We stand for sustainability, reliability and offering a high quality packaging platform that meets all requirements of our customers. With sustainability in mind and enabling a fully circular economy, we contribute to a sustainable environment. Our purpose and vision determine how we act, work and communicate with our customers every day. And with our mission, we fulfill our purpose and vision.

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We believe in providing sustainable software that enables the transition to a circular economy.


With a nice group of involved, flexible and entrepreneurial people we work on a qualitative, independent and proven platform to optimize the flow of logistic returnable assets.


We want to digitize and simplify the use of logistics assets in the supply chain.

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Who are we

The Bexter team are the developers of TrackOnline. We are a team of down-to-earth specialists who have joined forces to achieve the best results. Bexter has a flat organization and knows no bosses and managers, but are bosses in managing packaging! We have an aversion to corporate jargon. However, we do believe it is important to have a good balance between working hard and having fun together. Therefore, we organize several team events per year and every Friday afternoon we play FIFA and table tennis.


Our product TrackOnline is fully developed from the perspective of cost savings and sustainability. With our platform we support the Dutch government’s goal to realize a fully circular economy by 2050. By managing reusable packaging online, you can continue to use packaging in an infinite cycle. This results in less purchase and less manufacturing of materials. This way you can manage returnable packaging efficiently and sustainably!

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Due to our experience, we have returnable package asset solutions for every sector.

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Over the past few years, Bexter has grown into a complete team with several departments. Curious about what it’s like behind the scenes? And who exactly are the clever people behind the platform? Meet our entire team here.

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