Agora Group switches to TrackOnline

Agora Group is a wholesaler of flowers and plants for professional florists and garden centers. They are the market leader in Belgium and France, with more than 22 locations in Europe, with their head office in Kontich, Belgium and a large distribution center in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands.
Agora Group switches to the software platform TrackOnline to optimize the use, registration, and administration of their returnable assets such as flower bins, roll containers, Danish trolleys, plates, and all other types of load carriers.
A project in which Agora has switched from their On-premises solution to a Cloud-based administration and therefore now makes more efficient and strategic decisions, because all data is available in one data platform.

Agora Group is using more than 30,000 returnable assets in its chain, every external party that now receives or returns a returnable asset is registered in the TrackOnline platform. With the result that Agora Group has real-time insight into the data and therefore knows exactly where the returnable assets are and how they can be deployed most efficiently.
This has reduced the costs associated with loss and acquisition of new returnable assets within the Agora Group.
Moreover, the switch to the TrackOnline platform has the result that the Agora Group works more sustainably because less paper is used because of this digitization.

And last, but not least, thanks to the free functionality TrackOnline CONNECT it is possible to directly collaborate digitally with all the stakeholders of Agora Group.
By inviting their relations to TrackOnline, they can view the joint transactions and balance reconciliations by creating a free account. The communication between Agora Group and their relations, is essential for an efficient exchange of returnable assets.