Bakery de Paauw

Bakery de Paauw is an innovative supplier of bread and pastries for supermarkets. With TrackOnline, Bakkerij de Paauw is taking the next step towards digitalization to save time, reduce errors and improve the sustainability of packaging.

Register bread crates online

Bakery de Paauw now registers bread crates completely digitally. The registration of packaging is one of the last processes that still involved paper delivery notes and Excel sheets. ‘It is essential to have detailed information on how many crates have been delivered somewhere and how many have been returned in agreement with all customers, external transporters and other bakeries. With TrackOnline we have digitized this process between the bakery and the customer,’ says Allard Vervoort, Project Manager at Bakery de Paauw.

Drivers speaking

Drivers will be using TrackOnline the most in the organization. They transport the bread with the bread crates and dollies and are responsible for the delivery and return of load carriers. Bakery de Paauw has integrated TrackOnline in the (tomtom) navigation of their drivers. Adriana van Noordennen is one of those drivers and delivers fresh bread to the supermarkets. According to Adriana, it is convenient for drivers that all information is in one central place, so you are able to see directly how much packaging is at each location and it is easy to fill in the packaging. ‘In the beginning, some drivers were reluctant about using TrackOnline. But once the benefits and convenience were experienced, everyone was quickly satisfied with the packaging platform’, said Adriana.

Connection with ERP

One of the main advantages of TrackOnline according to Bakery de Paauw is the integration with the ERP system. Through the API connection orders from the ERP-system are automatically imported into TrackOnline. This automates manual operations and saves time and costs. It also reduces the chance of manual errors. Vervoort says: “TrackOnline is a complete software application that fits our specific situation. Besides the ease of use, it’s a major advantage that we can connect TrackOnline to our ERP and WMS.” In addition, Vervoort thinks to work even more with TrackOnline in the future. He sees possibilities for connections with other systems through the API connection in TrackOnline.

Bakery de Paauw uses TrackOnline for the online registration of bread crates and dollies, so they don’t lose the bread crates and dollies anymore. Digitize and automate the bread crate registration and administration in your bakery. With TrackOnline you register bread crates and dollies easily online. So you always know how many bread crates and dollies are at each location. More information? Contact Bexter  015 –  750 10 50 and request a demo without any obligations.