Bakery Fuite

Online registration at bakeries resulting in reduced crate orders

Sustainability is at the core of Bakery Fuite’s modern craft. Bakkerij Fuite is a leading industrial baker, which has already digitized several business processes. TrackOnline, the digital platform of Bexter, supports their next step in digitalization and sustainability.

Insight is the solution

Every year, industrial bakers have to deal with a considerable number of unexplained packaging losses. It’ s time to put an end to this, as the bread crate itself has more value than the contents, according to Bernie Schlepers, Supply Chain Manager at Bakery Fuite. Not only Bakery Fuite, but also other industrial bakers experience packaging problems. According to Schlepers, insight into the packaging flow is the solution to packaging losses and prevents additional costs. ‘TrackOnline helps us to achieve this. TrackOnline serves as the basis for a correct packaging registration. This makes a better planning of bread crates possible and it reduces ad hoc crate orders’, according to Schlepers.

Easier way of working

Bakery Fuite used another software application, but switched to TrackOnline. The previous way of working was more labor intensive. Thanks to the API connection Bakery Fuite can now automatically import orders from the ERP-system AFAS. ‘This connection simplifies the way of working, because the value of bread crates and dollies and the from and to location are read in automatically,’ says Schlepers.

‘A different way of working can cause reluctance within organizations,’ notes Toon de Jong, Commercial Director of Bexter. A number of our customers experience reluctance in advance, because working with a new platform, such as TrackOnline, requires a different way of working. Once they see how easy TrackOnline works and experience positive results, they are convinced,’ says De Jong.

Effortless communication with supplier and customer

The increase in sales in supermarkets in the past year makes insight into the available packaging even more important. As a regular supplier of (online) retailers, Bakery Fuite has more control over its packaging flow with TrackOnline: ‘TrackOnline, which also functions as a communication platform, allows us to communicate more quickly and effortlessly with our suppliers and customers. We have insight into the balances per supplier and per customer. Our bakery now controls on that basis and that offers perspective for future growth’, according to Schlepers. Klaas Fuite, Director of Bakery Fuite, adds: ‘TrackOnline is a reliable system with endless possibilities. This brings us one step closer to a more sustainable business and bakery.

Losing fewer bread crates every year? This is possible by digitizing the packaging flow in the bakery. Go to for more information and try TrackOnline free for the first 30 days on computer and/or the app! Or contact Bexter  015 –  750 10 50 and request a demo without any obligations.