Smartload is a pooler that provides its customers with reusable plastic load carriers in South Africa. Smartload has a fully innovative pool service, which manages logistics, cleaning and conditioning. Through the use of advanced software, it is possible to offer the full pool service and encourage the switch from wood to plastic load carriers.

From day one, Smartload has automated as much as possible. This was the reason for them to start working with TrackOnline right away. TrackOnline allows Smartload to track their assets more accurately, and to provide their customers with regular balance sheet and transaction reports. The platform was recommended by their strategic partner and one of Bexters clients: Tosca Europe.

Transparency towards the customer

Smartload uses TrackOnline to manage the logistics of their assets, says Stephan van der Merwe, logistics coordinator at Smartload. He explains: ‘Our logistics administrator works most with TrackOnline to manage orders and collections going to and from customers as well as transfers between different customer locations’. Employees at Smartload make extensive use of TrackOnline’s reporting function to see the movement of assets and balances at different locations. It is important for us to give our clients a transparent overview,’ says Van der Merwe.

Quick reports

Each month, Smartload uses the data recorded in TrackOnline for, among other things, reports for their clients. For example, they have data for their own cycletime report, a very valuable report for Smartload’s clients. This report shows the time it takes for a good to go through the customer’s user cycle. The reporting function has therefore become a crucial part of Smartload’s business. ‘Our customers want to know on a weekly and/or monthly basis what transactions have taken place and what their current balances are. TrackOnline is a platform that neatly arranges the necessary data, which speeds up and simplifies the process’, says Van der Merwe.

The advantages of TrackOnline

Smartload is making an efficiency leap by using the packaging platform. With TrackOnline, orders are processed directly and order processing is simplified. TrackOnline also contributes in the area of invoicing by generating supporting documents. Van der Merwe explains the current benefits they experience: ‘We can track our assets more accurately than without TrackOnline and are able to provide balance sheet and transaction reporting to clients on a regular basis’.

Do you also want to work more automated and efficiently? And do you want more transparency towards your clients? This is possible with TrackOnline. Go to for more information and try TrackOnline the first 30 days for free on your computer and/or the app! Or contact Serge van Helvoirt via or (015) 750 10 50 and request a demo without any obligations.