Efficient management of reusable transport items such as pallets, carts, containers and crates is of great importance in the logistics sector. The management of reusable packaging, also known as returnable transport items (RTIs), generates cost benefits for a logistics organisation and is sustainable. Would you also like to see your reusable transport items returned? If so, proper management of the packaging flows is essential. In this article we explain what reusable packaging is and why you need to manage it well.

What is reusable packaging?

Reusable packaging, or also known as returnable transport items (RTIs), are, for example, sustainable pallets that can be used several times and often even for years. Reusable packaging is good for the environment because it reduces the production of, for example, disposable pallets and minimizes CO2 emissions through efficient transition. In addition, your organisation can save costs on the purchase of reusable packaging, because this packaging lasts longer, the purchase costs are once only compared to disposable pallets that need to be purchased more often.

#1 Reusable packaging is worth more money

Reusable packaging has a higher purchase price than single-use pallets. Although a reusable pallet lasts longer and earns itself back within a few times, it is still a larger investment. The higher purchase price makes it even more important to manage these packaging flows and to have insight into where the reusable packaging is located.

#2 Seeing back your reusable packaging is essential

The consequence of using sustainable pallets is that reusable packaging has to be returned. In order to reuse sustainable pallets, an efficient packaging management is important. Additionally, the need may arise for additional processes, such as maintenance, washing and repairing your reusable packaging. For pooling companies it is essential to have packaging in the right place and to have the packaging back in time, for example for cleaning and maintenance of packaging. Finally, suppliers need to return their packaging on time, as companies may charge rent for packaging that arrives too late. In order to obtain insight in reusable packaging management, there is a need for archiving and registering data entry.

#3 Prevent the loss of your reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is a fairly large expense for the logistics department. Rarely are they maintained and managed with the same level of care and control as the products sold and transported with them. However, in some cases, the packaging is even worth more than the products themselves. Effective and efficient management of your packaging flows is therefore important to prevent your packaging from being stolen or lost.

#4 Financial deposit when there is packaging in a pool

Large companies would probably be able to afford the heavy initial investment involved in the acquisition and management of containers. By contrast, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) often choose to share the cost of their reusable packaging (and related overheads) through pooling.

In short we have seen that reusable packaging reduces costs for your organization and is better for the environment. In order to ensure that reusable pallets are returned, the packaging platform TrackOnline is the right solution. With TrackOnline you can digitally register and view your packaging flows. Would you like to know more about TrackOnline and stay informed about the most important developments and updates regarding packaging management? Sign up below for the newsletter!