Dozens of industries switch from one-way packaging to reusable packaging options in their supply chain. This is a way to optimize business operations and make them more sustainable.

There’re several advantages to the use of reusable packaging options and the registration of the movements made. We have listed 9 benefits for you.

  1. Reducing the packaging costs of the total supply chain.
  2. Reducing waste, making supply chains greener.
  3. Improving efficiency and productivity through better handling of shipments.
  4. Lower processing and labor costs, improving competitiveness.
  5. Better product protection, reduced product damage.
  6. Larger shipments, shelf life and storage resistance.
  7. Reduction of the inventory and expenses of the purchase of new packaging.
  8. Improved ergonomics and safety features for your staff.
  9. Save transport costs by picking up empty packaging material.

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