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This calculator is designed to help calculate the Return on Investment = ROI of TrackOnline. Through this calculation, one gains insight into how much a company can save by using TrackOnline.

Using the calculator is very simple:
1. Enter how many Transport Items you send on a yearly basis.
2. Enter the average purchase price for 1 Transportation Item.
3. Finally, enter the % of Transport Items you lose on a yearly basis.

After all the data are entered, the calculator shows how many euros are lost to Reuseable Transport Items on a yearly basis. Below that is the ROI. The ROI indicates how often you will recoup the standard TrackOnline license. Assuming that with the use of TrackOnline the packaging registration is now foolproof and you get all returnable transport items back from the customers (or can charge for the lost items).
PLEASE NOTE: TrackOnline makes no guarantees to the outcome of this Calculator.

Packaging registration
a “Black Box”

Everything that is transported in the world goes into or onto something; nothing is just thrown into a truck like that. Often the load carrier is more valuable than the goods themselves, and the importance of understanding where they are and who is responsible for them becomes increasingly important.

For many organizations, the administration of returnable assets is a black box. With TrackOnline you gain insight into packaging flows, you have insight into where the load carriers are, moreover, you know who is responsible. TrackOnline can be linked with other software packages such as accounting, ERP, TMS and WMS systems. This makes double input and administration a thing of the past. With TrackOnline you get a grip on your product flows and save time.

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What exactly is

TrackOnline is the online platform where packaging is registered. Keep track of your load carriers, such as; Pallets- Containers- Danish Trolleys- CC carts- Stack carts- Plates- Casks- Crates- Dollies- IBCs- Barrels- Trollies- Bins etc. All types of load carriers registered in a total package.

Packaging shortages are a thing of the past due to conclusive packaging administration in our cloud-based platform.

All packaging transactions with relations are in one system and available in real time. Packing slips, packing slips, e-CMR, digital waybills and transaction slips are maintained online so that everyone is looking at the same data. In addition, mutual cooperation is improved by quickly reconciling balances online with customers and suppliers to close specific periods.

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