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Customer Portal

TrackOnline uses a very easy tracking system. With pooling you manage the packaging of various parties, such as plastic pallets, crates and other types of goods that are essential for business operations. Without this packaging, fundamental business processes are at risk of stagnation, which could create a negative effect from an economical perspective. For this reason, punctuality, transparency and availability of data is a vital component for you as a 3PL or 4PL company.

By using TrackOnline’s customer portal, you can offer your customers the possibility to place orders in TrackOnline. This can be useful when your various customers and relations within the pool want to indicate how much packaging they need at a specific time. Your relations can login to their own TrackOnline administration. This environment is specifically designed for relations you give access to. They only see the information that is relevant to them.

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In a broader sense, this is about punctuality and accuracy of information, availability of data and transparency within the supply chain. Since your business partners can log in directly to view returnable packaging flows and place orders themselves, it eases the workload while pooling. You no longer receive unnecessary e-mails or phone calls. By working this way, everything is registered and managed in the same platform.

Transaction fees

Charge transaction fees to your client based on your specific business processes and work more efficiently. This functionality allows logistics service providers to charge clients, which automates this operation. It is possible to base a charge on a specific customer, or to base the charge on a type of packaging such as a crate. A crate regularly needs to be cleaned and in such a case you can charge your customer a fee for cleaning the crate.

It is also possible to charge administrative costs to customers. Other possibilities to use transaction fees is to pass on travel costs or fuel costs. The system also offers the possibility to set up this transaction fee per customer or per customer group. For example, you may have different rates for one group of customers compared to another group. For example, a difference is based on distance, travel time or the extent to which organizations return their packaging in a timely manner or not. This transaction fee that you charge to your customer is configured entirely according to your wishes and based on your business processes as a pooler.

The creation and setting of transaction fees is kept user friendly. In TrackOnline several transaction types can be chosen, suitable for the different business processes in an 3PL and 4PL organization. An expense fee, for example, is mainly used to register outgoing flows. In a transaction fee it is possible to work with a fixed price or a tiered price. For example, it is possible to calculate a fee for washing packaging. With transaction fees in TrackOnline logistics service providers work more efficiently and save time by reducing manual actions.

Process management

With process management in TrackOnline logistics service providers can translate their logistic processes to the returnable packaging application, in terms of different statuses, rights per status, status progression and consecutive actions. This allows logistics service providers to secure processes, knowing what action needs to be taken and by whom.

When your organization has defined different order or delivery processes, this feature makes it easy to set up a process. Ultimately you allocate a specific status where, within your process, the packaging is located.

An example of a logistic process of a 3PL or 4PL company, which is set up in TrackOnline, is shown in picture X. Based on such a process in picture X, the logistics service provider determines if the order is feasible. By using the allocation function this can also be fully automated by the system. For each user a separate environment with corresponding rights can be defined. The logistics process can be fully monitored and controlled in TrackOnline.

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RFID and IoT

By using of Things (IoT) and RFID, returnable assets can be easily tracked and monitored in TrackOnline. By using IoT and RFID, transactions are automatically placed in TrackOnline and the location of crates and carts can be tracked immediately.


RFID can be fully integrated into TrackOnline. For logistics service providers who manage an asset pool or pool of reusable packaging for various clients, it is essential to track every packaging movement, for example from distribution center to a crate washing facility. By using tags, hand scanners and smart-spots, packaging is scanned. The information of this scan is automatically forwarded to TrackOnline. When a pooling organization manages different types of packaging from various customers, an RFID application in TrackOnline automates many manual operations.


With IoT in TrackOnline you can track shipments, locate them and navigate the most efficient route. You can also read the temperature of packaging at a specific location and whether a door is open or closed. In addition, it is possible to manage the conditioning of fresh goods by means of temperature changes.

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REST-API connection

External ERP, TMS and WMS systems can be easily connected to TrackOnline via REST-API. This way orders are automatically forwarded and the further handling of packaging is managed in TrackOnline.

Transactions and orders are automatically imported from external systems into TrackOnline, making you eliminate a lot of manual work. This prevents, for example, entries being made in two different systems, or information between systems not being consistent. The packaging data can also be exported to a BI-tool for additional purposes.

An applicable example could be that transactions are registered in TrackOnline, both by the pooler as by the customers of the pooler, through the customer portal. These transactions are accompanied by a certain fee or settlement, which must be forwarded to an invoicing program. The broad coupling possibility of TrackOnline offers a solution for this challenge.

Another appreciated feature is the use of a connection to TrackOnline to send specific balance or transaction data to a dashboard application, such as a BI-tool. With our REST API we enable poolers to link information from their financial system to TrackOnline, giving you real-time insight into KPIs that were previously challenging to obtain. By using the REST-API in combination with your other business applications, you get more out of the returnable packaging platform TrackOnline.