Online registration of bread crates with fewer crate orders

Loss of lost bread crates can be prevented. With TrackOnline you always have insight into the location and numbers of bread crates and dollies through a simplified online registration. Digitize the logistical flow of packaging in the bakery chain!

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Don’t lose a bread crate anymore

With TrackOnline you manage your returnable assets effectively without time consuming administrative processes. Automate and digitize the logistics process of your industrial bakery with TrackOnline and always have enough bread crates available to transport your products.

Reduce annual bread crate purchase costs

The administration that remains at the end of a long day is seen as a burden. Yet registering and managing bread crates is of great importance to bakeries. Without Broban bread crates, bread carts and dollies, the production process stops. With insight into the location and numbers of your bread crates, you can solve this. With TrackOnline everyone is aware of the amount of bread crates and carts at each location. This way you lose less bread crates and you reduce the purchase costs of bread crates. By connecting your ERP- or WMS-system and TrackOnline, orders are automatically imported in TrackOnline and youeliminate manual work. Register and manage your bread crates and dollies easily in your mobile or on your computer with TrackOnline and have real-time insight into your packaging flows.

bakkerij subsector over TrackOnline

“TrackOnline is a complete software package that fits our specific situation. Besides the ease of use, it is a great advantage that we can connect TrackOnline to our ERP and WMS“

– Allard Vervoort, Bakkerij de Paauw

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