We cannot make bread crates and bread trolleys cheaper. However, saving money is a guarantee that we as Bexter can offer with our software application by optimizing the logistic process of bread crates and other load carriers. We also make the work for bakeries easier. Read here where you leave money and start saving immediately.

Time is money

A lot of time goes into miscommunication, administration and manual work. Here we give four tips for industrial bakeries to save time on their administration. A frequently heard expression ‘time is money’ is also true in the baking industry. Internal business processes are automated at many innovative bakeries. The process by which the bread and pastry products leave the bakery is often one of the last steps that remains to be digitalized and automated.

Transparency is key

What saves a lot of time is insight into your packaging flows. By digitizing the packaging process, you will always know where your packaging is. When you register and digitally manage your bread crates and bread trolleys, you move your manual administration to digital and automated processes. This gives you transparency into the number of packaging such as bread crates and bread trolleys, insight into where the packaging is, insight into your own stock and insight into the busy and calmer periods. With this insight you can reduce and optimize transport distances, which also saves costs and optimizes the logistic process. In addition, you can communicate in a targeted way with your customer and carrier about a packaging transaction and rent or buy packaging in time for busy periods. This way you always have enough bread crates in stock to transport your products to the customer.

Less administrative work

With TrackOnline you will spend less time administratively because you can digitally search faster and more specifically by customer, supplier, transporter or transaction. This way you take the step to a paperless administration with TrackOnline. In addition, digital administration prevents confusion due to unreadable handwriting and ensures that everything is stored in one place. Read the article here as well: Tips for industrial bakers to save time on administration.

Managing packaging saves costs

Managing packaging such as bread crates and bread carts online ensures less damage, higher availability and better insight. For example, Johansson and Hellström[1] argue about managing Returnable Transport Items (RTIs), that actively managing packaging and making it transparent can lead to cost savings of 34%.

Impossible work

Packaging is still regularly stolen. For example, €12,000 worth of EPS crates from a cucumber farm were stolen for the deposit in 2017, tons of barrel buckets were stolen from Plantion in 2019, and €1.1 million worth of carts were stolen from Royal FloraHolland in 2019. The police also warned of thieves who were targeting the deposit of bread crates, which were in supermarkets. The police therefore asked local residents to watch out for this and to call in case of suspicious activities, as shown in the picture below.

In short, it is very important to know who is transporting your bread crates and bread carts, to which party and who is responsible for this packaging.

Saving money on your bread crates and bread carts by improving the logistic process? Please feel free to contact 1 of our TrackOnline Experts. Would you rather see for yourself how TrackOnline works? The software works so easily that it is no problem, so try TrackOnline now 30 days free of charge. If you have any questions, our support staff are ready to help you.

 [1]Johansson, O., & Hellström, D. (2007). The effect of asset visibility on managing returnable transport items. International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, 37 (10), 799-815.