Delft, December 18, 2023 – Filogic, an open Transport Management System, announces a collaboration with Bexter, the developers of TrackOnline. This includes the development of a standard integration between the two Cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions.

The collaboration aims to provide users of both platforms with seamless integration between TMS and reusable packaging registration. By bridging these two worlds, Filogic and TrackOnline aim to increase efficiency and optimize operational processes for transport and logistics companies.

TrackOnline’s OpenAPI enables seamless connections with any TMS system. Filogic has chosen to build a standard integration with TrackOnline, making it available to all their customers. Transporters who already rely on the capabilities of Filogic and TrackOnline for their daily operations experience the following benefits:

  1. Full visibility and control
    The integration allows users to manage both transport and packaging processes from a single platform, providing them with complete visibility and control over their logistics activities.
  2. Efficient packaging management
    Filogic users can access their TrackOnline data directly through the Filogic dashboard after integration, eliminating the need to log in to multiple software systems.
  3. Real-time information
    The integration enables real-time data sharing between both systems, giving logistics professionals immediate insights into the status of their shipments and associated packaging.
  4. Resource optimization
    Through the synergy between Filogic and TrackOnline, users can optimize resources, reduce costs, and simultaneously enhance overall operational performance.
  5. No additional costs
    Filogic does not charge additional fees for the integration between Filogic and TrackOnline.

With this integration, users of Filogic and TrackOnline are fully future-proof. Both platforms are cloud-based, which means users can access both applications worldwide with a working internet connection. Additionally, Filogic and TrackOnline offer rapid implementation, scalability, and continuous updates, ensuring users benefit from the latest features and security enhancements.

Jitske Brink, CEO of Filogic, states, “This collaboration with TrackOnline is a milestone for us. By connecting our systems, we provide our customers with an even more comprehensive solution. Furthermore, the integration aligns perfectly with our vision of an open TMS that can integrate anywhere. We are proud to offer our customers a system that seamlessly integrates with other platforms.”

Toon de Jong, CEO of Bexter, the company behind TrackOnline, adds, “We are excited to collaborate with Filogic and provide our mutual customers with an integrated solution. Our OpenAPI underscores our commitment to streamlining logistics processes and offers the versatility to integrate anywhere. This collaboration will certainly contribute to optimizing packaging processes in the logistics chain.”

Once the integration between Filogic and TrackOnline becomes available, both parties will announce it immediately.