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The dashboard of TrackOnline shows all relevant information. The dashboards can be customized according to your own wishes so you can instantly see where your carts, crates and other load carriers are located. Through the use of GPS, all load carriers can be followed on the interactive map in the dashboard. Furthermore, you are able to see which locations are behind with the return of packaging and who still owes you packaging. Another graph in the dashboard could, for example, show the balance of the available stock over time. There are endless possibilities with different dashboards and there is the possibility to compose various dashboards, focused on the specific needs of the different teams in your organization.

When you log in, you will also see notifications in the packaging platform. For example, you’ll receive a notification when your relation has responded to a balance adjustment, or when someone has sent a chat message. When your relations use TrackOnline CONNECT, you will receive a notification when a relation has shared a transaction. With TrackOnline you are actively informed about what is occurring in your packaging administration.

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RFID and IoT

The TrackOnline packaging platform offers the possibility to track returnable assets, using an RFID-tag or an IoT GPS-device. This is mainly used to gain insight into where the returnable assets are located and to avoid losing valuable or customized load carriers.

RFID for load carriers

As a packaging registration platform, TrackOnline is directly deployable to make use of RFID applications. By using RFID in combination with TrackOnline, transactions are automatically created in TrackOnline. With, for example a smart-spot, the products and load carriers are scanned and automatically registered as a transaction in TrackOnline. Handheld scanners can also be used to scan load carriers. With the user-friendly REST-API, an RFID-link is easy to realize.

IoT application within TrackOnline

By using IoT tools in TrackOnline, you can track your cargo carriers based on GPS information. This allows you to know exactly where your load carriers are, visible in the interactive map in TrackOnline. Based on historical data, you are able to track which route the IoT device has recently traveled. In addition, it is possible to use IoT to monitor temperature, or to verify whether certain doors of containers are open or closed.

It is also possible to use IoT to create a geo-fence, a digital fence, related to a location. When an IoT GPS-device enters the diameter of this circle, it will be recognized. When the device is tracked into another geo-fence, TrackOnline automatically creates a transaction. With IoT and RFID you automate many manual actions and work more efficiently!

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Automation of business processes ensures more efficiency in your organization. Most of the manual tasks can be automated with process rules in TrackOnline. In TrackOnline there are several possibilities to automate, in order to maximize the automation of your packaging processes. This gives you the opportunity to eliminate many, often time consuming, manual tasks. Some examples are forwarding of reports, the processing of a transaction or simply updating the status of a transaction.

When TrackOnline is deployed in a production environment or a place where packaging plays an important role for the company’s core business, TrackOnline’s automation capabilities offer a lot of added value. Packaging contributes to the safe transport of your products without damage. To keep track of where your packaging is located, TrackOnline works with different statuses. In combination with these statuses, you can automate a lot of manual work.

In this way, you create an automatic business process, where you can immediately see if something is available per status and/or if further action needs to be taken. Automating work reduces the chance of (manual) errors and makes work more efficient!


API connection

The Transport Management System and other external systems such as ERP and WMS can be linked to TrackOnline. Orders are automatically forwarded and the further handling of packaging is managed in TrackOnline. Transactions and orders are automatically imported from the ERP, WMS or TMS system, allowing you to automate lots of manual work.

TrackOnline has a well-described REST-API, which allows you as a transporter to quickly set up a connection with your own specific software. Standard connections have been realized with Navision, MatchOnline, SAP and Florisoft. By creating the connection you always receive the correct data in the packaging platform. This prevents, bookings being made in two different systems or that information between systems does not match. A connection with TrackOnline replaces multiple manual actions and minimizes the possibility of (manual) errors. With the API connection you can focus on packaging management instead of importing packaging.