Food industry.
Always enough packaging available in the food industry

Returnable transport items in the food industry are being used to transport the products. A shortage of refrigerated containers, hygiene pallets and meat crates disturbs the delivery schedule and causes dissatisfied customers. With TrackOnline, you always have enough load carriers available so the production process can continue.

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Packaging management in the food industry.

TrackOnline offers the solution to manage packaging in the industry, ensuring that you always have the right amount of refrigerated containers, hygiene pallets and meat crates at your disposal. With insight into packaging balance per location, you avoid large packaging losses.

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Automate and digitize the logistics process.

As an organization in the food industry, you want as little administrative processes as possible. Returnable packaging has a supporting role and is not your core business. You can save time by registering the packaging such as bread crates, meat crates and refrigerated containers online. With TrackOnline you easily register, administer and manage your returnable assets and gain real-time insight into your packaging flows. This gives you insight into the number of load carriers at each location. Automate and digitize the logistics process in the food industry with TrackOnline and always have sufficient assets available to transport your products.


“TrackOnline serves as the basis for correct packaging registration. It enables us to switch faster and more efficiently with our suppliers and customers. The connection with our ERP-system ensures a more simple way of working. TrackOnline is a reliable application with endless possibilities. This brings us one step closer to a more sustainable baking industry“

– Bernie Schlepers, Bakkerij Fuite

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