Working sustainably, reducing your carbon footprint, a green image and a circular economy, terms we can’t ignore. Nowadays not a trend, but a necessity. How can you ensure that your bakery has an (even) greener image? You can read it in this article.

Follow that bread crate!

More and more attention is paid to how food is packed and transported, think about recycled crates and cotton bread bags. Especially the (young) consumer pays attention to this, considering that we have to use less plastic packaging by 2025. By using reusable packaging, such as Broban crates and dollies, you already take the first step towards a sustainable organization. Something even more sustainable is to monitor, register, manage and administer your packaging. By registering your bread crates you know how many bread crates you own and whether you have enough bread crates for a busy period or whether you need to buy or rent some more. By managing your bread crates you know exactly where they are. Are they at supermarket A or bread and pastry caterer B? This keeps you in control of the flow of bread crates. By administering all this information you can maintain an overview, because the truth is: all bread crates look alike and order in the chaos is necessary.

Efficient route

Delivering top quality bread and pastries on time is a top priority for every baker. Some industrial bakers work from a single location and others have several locations, from which transporters transport the products to countless locations throughout the country. A challenging, but not impossible, company that you can make more sustainable. By controlling your packaging flow and your customers, the logistical transport network is mapped out. In this way you don’t drive empty kilometers, instead you drive an efficient route and optimally serve your customers from supermarket, bakery to caterer.

Hand in hand

Digital and sustainability go hand in hand. By digitizing business processes, such as with paper administration, you need less paper and you lose less storage space. In addition, it’s time to have your administration digital. It is less error prone, you have an overview and you can retrieve data faster.

Green, greener, greenest

✔ Register, manage and administer;

✔ Smart logistics;

✔ Digitizing.

Managing, registering and administering bread crates sounds easier said than done, but we prove the opposite with TrackOnline. With TrackOnline your bakery can go to the greenest level. TrackOnline is the online packaging registration platform, which gives you control over your logistic flow of bread crates and dollies. You can quickly and easily get started, both in the application on your phone and desktop. Know where your Broban crates are, quickly send a chat message to your customer if you are short of dollies and manage your crate stock during busy peak periods.

Many bakers are open to innovation and want to optimize and digitize their processes. If you would like to take a look at how TrackOnline is used in practice, please feel free to send us an email. If you prefer to start working with TrackOnline, you can register for a trial and use TrackOnline for 30 days for free.