The solution for your packaging pool

Manage your packaging in the supply chain in one total package. With TrackOnline you have real-time insight into the entire life cycle of the packaging pool, from the product location to your end customer.

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The solutions for your packaging- or asset pool

By recording every movement of the packaging and keeping communication with customers as simple as possible, your packaging pool can be easily managed. All stakeholders have access to relevant data collected from the platform through smart connections. With this digitization you gain 24/7 insight into the status of your packaging. Various solutions ensure optimized interaction with relations, margin optimization and increased efficiency in business processes.

Full control over the entire pool

As a logistic service provider, the responsibility for the packaging items and focus is on managing the packaging pool. This allows your client to focus on their core business and you manage the packaging pool by delivering the right quantities, repairing broken packaging items and ensuring a balanced packaging administration.

With TrackOnline, you can manage your returnable assets and have full control over the entire pool. With this digitalization, a significant part of business processes can be automated. By linking TrackOnline to an ERP system, but also with a TMS or WMS, data can be collected and the systems share information. This way the entire life cycle of your packaging is managed in TrackOnline. Work even more efficiently and easily with TrackOnline by managing the entire pool of packaging items.


“There is no software package in the world that can connect all return flows together like this and with all the conditions you set. The expertise of Bexter, combined with our own expertise, is exactly what we are looking for“

– Bob IJpelaar, Van Vliet Containers