Poolers manage the returnable asset pool for their clients and in addition often offer services such as rental and storage of returnable assets. They are involved with different industries and a large and diverse customer base. The aim is to serve customers and suppliers as optimally as possible, but poolers’ available systems and platforms are often inadequate. The current IT landscape of a pooler is not prepared for the complexity and ongoing IT changes. TrackOnline offers a solution for poolers as an online returnable asset platform. With the acquired knowledge and years of experience TrackOnline offers 24/7 insight into returnable asset flows, a comprehensive returnable packaging administration and perfect service to customers. In this article we describe the most common challenges of poolers and offer insight into how TrackOnline tackles them.

#1 Manage returnable asset quantities on locations

Challenges of poolers regarding returnable assets are overcome with TrackOnline. One of the prominent challenge is that as a pooler you have to manage large numbers and different types of load carriers at different locations, for clients. With TrackOnline you have 24/7 real time insight in this. Even better, with customizable dashboards you will have this overview on an interactive map and can view how much returnable packaging is at each location. Read more in this article: Managing logistical returnable assets in the pooling industry.

#2 Status of returnable packaging transaction visible

Scienta potentia est, or knowledge is power. By always knowing exactly where the load carriers are in the logistics process, you know what to do as a pooler. Reusable packaging items can be in the cleaning process, under repair, at a customer’s premises or on the road. In the latter case, it is possible that a returnable asset transaction is being returned by a customer. Through location recognition in TrackOnline, the bridging time from client to pooler is automatically calculated. When the transaction is on its way, it is indicated in TrackOnline as ‘rolling stock’ and you know as a pooler that the returnable assets are on its way.

#3 Track unique items

Unique returnable packaging items are easy to track in TrackOnline, through RFID, IoT or unique numbering. It is possible to monitor where the item is located and to track and view its history. Also customized returnable transport items can be managed in TrackOnline.

#4 Register condition of returnable packaging

The condition of the returnable packaging is important for a pooler. The condition of the returnable packaging indicates that it needs to be repaired, for example, or that it can no longer be used. It differs per crate, container, plastic pallet or other load carrier how long it can be used. For a pooler extremely important, because you want to have the longest lifespan possible for your load carrier. You want to minimize the costs of purchasing reusable packaging and preferably make a profit on it! In TrackOnline you can keep track of the cycle time, this is the number of times a crate has been used before it is no longer usable. This way the ROI is easily calculated.

A returnable asset item can be damaged at a customer’s premises or during transport. In TrackOnline it is possible to easily add a picture of the damaged items to the reusable packaging transaction. With this way of registration the pooler is informed and the item can be repaired.

#5 Automatic approval or rejection

When there is no overview, it is difficult to determine how many load carriers are in stock. With TrackOnline this is very easy, here you can see exactly how much of what kind of returnable asset is where. When you receive an order from a relation in the online system, for example of 30 crates, process management in TrackOnline makes it possible to approve or reject this order by looking at the stock. With process management, the status is automatically converted.

#6 Keeping track of contractual matters

The contract and agreements that a pooler establishes with their customer can be tracked in TrackOnline. For example, when a pooler and customer have an agreement to use 30 crates at no extra cost, and the customer wants to use more crates in a peak period, there are often higher costs associated with this. This can easily be handled automatically in TrackOnline. This is just like when you call outside your phone bundle, the costs for this are also higher.

Other charges can also be processed through TrackOnline. When the pool owner collects 30 crates, of which 3 are dirty crates and 3 are broken crates, it is possible to book this in one shipment and to charge per condition.

Returnable assets remain a necessity for poolers

As a pooler, you continue to optimize the supply chain by using returnable assets efficiently. The interests of customers and suppliers are paramount in this process. Working with specific smart solutions are necessary to get this done, but developing this is not the core business of a pooler. The core business of a pooler is to have insight into the returnable packaging numbers. Returnable assets and remain a major cost item, also for its clients. Good management is the key!

Efficient management is only possible with a real-time overview. The pooling solution is not a customization, but a standard. By this we mean that poolers can develop their own software or have it developed. But as mentioned in the intro, this costs a lot of time and money and the current IT landscape  of an organization is often not prepared for the complexity and constant IT changes. Read more regarding pooling solution in this article: Returnable assets solutions for pooling.

TrackOnline therefore offers the solution for poolers.  Complex issues can be solved with TrackOnline. In addition, Bexter, the developer of TrackOnline, has years of experience in various sectors. TrackOnline remains an innovative total solution that keeps up with the time. Moreover, a pooler doesn’t have to worry about it, because you don’t have to manage the platform yourself. More information about TrackOnline for the pooling sector? Take a look at the solution for your packaging pool and view all solutions for poolers.

Every pooling challenge is solved with TrackOnline. Tell us your challenges and we’ll show you how it can be solved with TrackOnline. Curious about a short demo, request it here or contact us for a personal demo, our experts are happy to help!