Packaging pooling is the complete handling of logistics services of reusable packaging in the supply chain. It is necessary to manage it by recording every movement of the returnable assets and keeping the communication with customers as simple as possible. Read about the different solutions for more efficient management of returnable assets for pooling here.

Packaging pool

Returnable assets in a pooling company is the very essence that matters. When the peak season arrives, special events are ahead or simply when packaging shortages are imminent then customers will be willing to rent packaging. As a pooler, you have different types available, so that you can optimally serve various customers so that they, in turn, can optimally serve their customers. Multiple customers rent different types of packaging items and it is important to have insight into how much of what type and to which customer is rented. In an online packaging platform, such as TrackOnline, this can be tracked for all customers at a detailed level. This way the incoming and outgoing packaging numbers can be registered directly per customer, specific branch or per single transaction. TrackOnline works in the cloud, so information is available anytime and anywhere on your mobile, laptop or tablet. Do you already have 24/7 insight into the packaging flow? Then get it with TrackOnline.

Pooling loop

Poolers have their own unique loop structure of business processes. The similarity is that the following processes occur here:

– Returnable transport items are prepared in the distribution center based on the customer’s request;

– The reusable packaging leaves the distribution center and is deployed to the customer;

– The reusable packaging is collected from the customer or returned by the customer, when the customer is finished with the reusable packaging items or when they are dirty or damaged;

– The reusable packaging is checked for quantities and damage;

– The reusable packaging that is damaged is cleaned and that which is dirty is cleaned by the pooler himself or externally;

– The reusable packaging transaction with the customer is checked by the administrative department;

– The reusable packaging that is in order and cleaned is stored or made ready for reuse.

Optimize business processes pooler

Packaging software like TrackOnline can contribute in the whole pooling loop, to record all information easily and have it available at any time. The points below show how an online packaging platform contributes to optimizing the business processes of a pooler:

1.            Returnable transport items made ready

A client orders a number of returnable transport items. This request comes in by mail. In TrackOnline you can immediately see if you still have these numbers at your disposal.

2.            Returnable transport items picked up

When the client is finished with the returnable transport items, it is returned. The information, such as date of dispatch, return date, type of returnable asset, quantities, delivery address, etc. is available in one central platform. The information is available in real-time, so you can always log into TrackOnline to search for the specifications of this transaction.

3.            Damaged, missing and dirty returnable transport items

Missing numbers, damages and other information can easily be registered for a specific transaction.

4.            Returnable transport items check

When the RTI’s have been checked, it can be delivered to the client again. By registering digitally, it is possible to keep track of how often the returnable assets goes through the loop.

The same communication

Digitizing communication ensures fewer communication errors, and a communication error is quickly made. Mistakes cause inconvenience, but also cost time to correct the mistake. The aim is therefore to have as few errors as possible; this can be overcome by communicating in one digital platform, accessible to every customer. When a customer can indicate how many reusable transport items are needed by digitally specifying this in the same platform, this can be automatically forwarded to the department that will prepare them. In this way, the business processes are also automated with TrackOnline and it’s just a matter of monitoring.

The pooling solution for returnable assets is to digitize. TrackOnline is a total solution for poolers. With an online returnable transport item platform business processes are automated, interaction with customers improved and detailed data of transactions are available in real time for better insight at management level.