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Grip on returnable packaging in manufacturing industry

Semi-manufactured goods or products in the industry & manufacturing sector are often packed and transported on special or custom-made load carriers and other reusable packaging items. The easy registration process and management of these packaging items can easily be done in the online packaging platform TrackOnline. TrackOnline prevents loss of these valuable carts and load carriers. With this it is always clear where your unique packaging items are!

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Track and manage unique items

The digital and sustainable solution to register and manage specially designed load carriers. In the industry & manufacturing sector it’s important to keep track of your items. By tracking them online, it is always visible how many of yourload carriers are at each location. This way, your valuable load carriers are also being safely returned with TrackOnline.

Register all types of packaging online

The industrial sector deals with a diversity of parts that vary in size. It is important that these parts are packed and transported with care. Reusable packaging items are used to transport or store these parts. For specific products, custom cargo carriers are often designed. These are valuable cargo carriers and you don’t want to lose them. These custom made carts and other load carriers can be tracked with sensors or RFID-tags. With TrackOnline it is possible to register all types of packaging online. This way you always have real-time overview and collect specific data.

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