A few weeks ago we wrote about the choice in type of packaging and the difference between single-use packaging and reusable packaging. This week we outline the use of packaging in different sectors. We will discuss the use of packaging in horticulture, the car industry and retail. In addition, we will show how important the use of reusable packaging is.

Each sector needs packaging

In the flower industry, the use of packaging is very important, because in this way flowers and plants arrive unharmed at the end-user. In floriculture, reusable packaging is often used and/or rented. There are poolers, for example, who rent out Danish trolleys and CC containers etc. to companies such as transporters, growers, exporters and end-users. The reusable packaging is then used to transport the products from grower to auction and then (with exporter) to the end customer.

In the automotive industry, packaging is used in a different way. You may be familiar with them, the large ships that are full of cars and the long trains that transport them to their destination. In the automotive industry, packaging is often transported over long distances. In order to fill up such a ship quickly, an efficient production process is needed. People tend to think of robots, motors and batteries. But all these, often specific shaped parts, can only get undamaged to the right destination with the right packaging. Failure to have that packaging available on time can therefore lead to enormous delays and losses!

Packaging is also used in retail. After all, how else do all those supermarkets get their products?  A large number of products, such as drinks and fresh food, are transported by trucks. Often with casks and/or plastic pallets, which are rented. Efficiency is paramount in this transport. Products are delivered and the logistical transport network is mapped out, to ensure that no empty kilometres ( trucks driving empty or half-empty) are driven. This keeps costs low and is a durable solution.

The food industry also makes use of packaging. For instance the bread and pastry sector, because once again the challenge lies in the flexibility of production. Bakers with multiple locations produce everything in one bakery. In the bakery, everything is baked, prepared and then transported to various locations. Reusable packaging such as bread crates, bread carts and refrigerators, but also (bread) dollies and trolleys are then placed at the locations. However, they also need to find their way back to the bakery. Excel files are then no longer enough to keep track of stocks and the values of the reusable packaging. The reusable packaging, crates of baskets, dolly’s and trolleys, are just as, if not more, valuable than the products they contain.

Online returnable packaging management

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, many sectors use packaging, these were just a few examples.  The main reason for using packaging is to transport the products safely and unharmed. In addition, we aim to reduce our private and business footprint, resulting in an increasing preference for reusable packaging. Keeping track of this reusable packaging is therefore crucial. But what else does such a packaging registration system add?

With a packaging registration platform you can as an organization:

  • Create reports of packaging balances and transactions. This gives you a digital overview of the numbers of reusable packaging. This way you can see how much of which type of packaging is in which location.
  • Digital collaboration. You can quickly collaborate online with your customers, carriers or other third parties. The reusable packaging that is delivered can be signed immediately in the application.
  • No more miscommunication. Digital numbers don’t lie and you no longer have to deal with an unreadable handwriting on a delivery invoice.
  • Search and you will find. Finding a packaging transaction is so much easier digitally than a search between piles of paper.
  • Customizable dashboards. By setting up dashboards yourself, you can create an overview of the information you find most important.

Do you have questions about the use of single-use and reusable packaging or do you have questions about registering packaging? Send us an email and we will contact you.