Bexter, the developers of TrackOnline, and Mr. Flexx® have entered a long-term partnership to optimize the registration of retail displays. This concerns the reusable in-store displays, such as those deployed by HEMA.

Mr. Flexx®, part of Vlastuin BV located in Baarn, has been an expert in packaging and displays for over 40 years. Over the years, Vlastuin, as a partner in the development and production of one-time promotional displays, has become aware of the environmental impact companies can have. Vlastuin has taken steps to minimize this impact, leading to the development of the Mr. Flexx® modular display concept.

Mr. Flexx® recently launched its innovative Pooling service, which addresses the challenges of traditional retail displays by providing sustainable, cost-effective, and efficient display solutions. Their ‘Pooling’ approach includes the strategic deployment of displays for each promotion, followed by return, inspection, and preparation for reuse. This service emphasizes sustainability and significantly contributes to a circular economy.

TrackOnline, a SaaS solution, is responsible for the technology behind Mr. Flexx® Pooling. TrackOnline specializes in registering, managing, and optimizing reusable packaging, in this case, Mr. Flexx®’s in-store promotional displays. The online platform TrackOnline provides 24/7 access to detailed real-time data of all retail displays in use. This allows for a clear overview of the number of displays at each location. Thanks to TrackOnline’s integration capabilities in the field of IoT, all displays can be tracked in real-time. The collaboration between Mr. Flexx® and the cloud based TrackOnline platform streamlines logistics in retail, making processes more efficient and cost-effective.

“We are excited to collaborate with Mr. Flexx® and believe that our combined strengths will revolutionize the management of store displays,” said Toon de Jong, CEO at Bexter. “We believe in delivering sustainable software that enables the transition to a circular economy. Moreover, this partnership aligns with our vision to digitalize and simplify the use of logistical resources in the chain.”

“At Mr. Flexx®, we are enthusiastic about our collaboration with Bexter, the company behind TrackOnline. Our Pooling service, aimed at transforming the retail display market, is strengthened by Bexter’s expertise and technological innovations. This partnership allows us to offer an even more effective and sustainable solution to our clients. We are determined to set a new standard in retail together with Bexter, focusing on efficiency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction,” said Cornelis Vlastuin, CEO of Mr. Flexx® and Vlastuin BV.

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