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In the TrackOnline overview, all relevant information is in one central location and you will instantly see where your meat crates, (bread) carts, plastic pallets and containers are. The order overview and the dashboard can be configured according to your wishes.

There are different dashboards to choose from, which gives you the opportunity to customize as you wish, specifically designed for each different team and member in your organization. This is usable for the food industry. For example, you can visualize the balance of bread crates over the past period. In addition, you can use an interactive geographical map to locate your (meat) crates, dollies or plastic pallets. By using colors, you can immediately identify where packaging has been stuck. When GPS devices are used, the load carriers can be accurately tracked. With the overview in TrackOnline you know exactly where the packaging is and you no longer lose track of meat crates, plastic pallets, containers and carts. As we said already, this can make the difference in the food industry

When you log in, you will see notifications in the packaging platform. For example, you’ll receive a notification when your relation has responded to a balance adjustment, or when someone has sent a chat message. When your relations use TrackOnline CONNECT, you will receive a notification when a relation has shared a transaction. With TrackOnline you are actively informed about what is occurring in your packaging administration.

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Balance reports

Easily close a transaction period by sending a balance report from within TrackOnline to your relations. Recipients can respond directly through this mail without logging in. This way you always have a correct and up-to-date packaging administration. By reconciling the packaging balance with your relations, everyone is always informed of the actual number of carts, crates, pallets and other load carriers at each location. You are simply reviewing real-time data!

Challenges and confusions regarding packaging balance at different locations are easily solved with balance reports. Reconcile packaging balances makes your work more efficient. Mailing or phone calls about packaging are eliminated and discussions about the exact packaging balance are avoided.

The packaging balance of each location can be requested. The overview shows who has and has not responded to the balance reconciliation. The packaging platform automatically sends a reminder e-mail until a response is received. This saves you a lot of administrative work and time.

Mobile application

TrackOnline’s mobile application allows employees, such as drivers, to easily register bread crates, meat crates, plastic pallets and other load carriers at any location. Drivers and hall employees are the ones who will use TrackOnline most frequently in your organization. With the mobile app, these employees always have insight into how many carts and crates are at each location and you never lose your carts, crates and pallets again.

In the mobile app, it is possible to immediately sign off digitally for receipt and report any irregularities. Any third party can also digitally sign off for receipt. This reduces paperwork and extra administrative work afterwards.

It is also possible to add additional documents to a transaction, such as export documents, pdf attachments or a picture. Modifications, cancellations or changes are processed easily and immediately.

As soon as products are transported, the associated quantities of crates, pallets and carts can be registered in the mobile app. When drivers also take back load carriers, this can easily be registered. This way you always have an up-to-date and correct packaging administration!

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API connection

ERP-, WMS- and TMS-systems can be linked to TrackOnline. Transactions and orders are automatically imported from the ERP-, WMS- or TMS-system directly into TrackOnline, allowing you to automate a lot of manual work.

TrackOnline has a well-described REST API, which allows you to quickly realize a connection with your own specific software. Standard connections have been realized with Navision, MatchOnline, SAP and Florisoft. By creating the connection, you always receive the correct data in the packaging platform. This prevents, bookings being made in two different systems or that information between systems does not match. A connection with TrackOnline replaces multiple manual actions and minimizes the possibility of (manual) errors. With the API connection you can focus on packaging management instead of importing packaging. Automation at its best!