Holidays, such as Christmas, but also Valentine’s Day and Easter, create extra traffic. In busy periods, more flowers are bought, to make the home more cosy, but also more fruit, vegetables and bread products are purchased. In other words, a lot of products have to be delivered on time during this period.

Load carriers are used to get the products to the location. Due to a lack of insight and communication, more reusable load carriers get lost. This has several underlying causes. Which we explain in this article with the solution.

Optimized supply chain  

A late delivery of a load to a customer or supplier can cause a shortage of load carriers. Daily operations in logistics must run smoothly. In busy periods, you therefore want clear agreements in place and an optimally organized supply chain. By providing insight into this before the busy period starts and dealing with any bottlenecks, you are prepared for the busy period.

Order in the administration chaos of the cask notes  

Busy periods intensify the (inter)national driver shortage, as a result of which extra (temporary) workers are called in. Extra hands ensure that your company can handle the pressure better. A simple working method and transparent logistics process is what you want, so that you also have the temporary worker up and running as soon as possible. With a complicated system, unclear Excel sheets or paper storage of packing slips, the thread soon gets lost.

Digital work in logistics makes things easier 

Working digitally is no longer just the norm these days, but rather a necessity. Digital work results in fewer human errors. Working goal-oriented ensures efficiency, so that set goals can be achieved. In addition, working digitally often provides general insight; various data are available from the cloud, making data accessible in real-time. You look at the same data together with your chain partners, so everyone knows where they stand.

TrackOnline helps you move forward  

With TrackOnline you have insight into where your (reusable) load carriers are. It allows you to see online what the state of affairs is, so you know exactly how many load carriers are where or which delivery went wrong. Quick contact with your customer or supplier is possible through the chat functionality in TrackOnline.

Would you like to have your affairs in order before Christmas or start next year? Then contact Ken and make an appointment in his agenda. He’ll be happy to take the time to map out your business processes and logistics flows and give a demo to show you the possibilities of TrackOnline for your organization.