Do you want 2020 to be your year, with an optimal supply chain and correct packaging flows? Are you tired of missing returnable transport items and inconvenient paper administration? Then this might be the right time to consider TrackOnline or to switch from Avalanche to TrackOnline. Below we will explain 5 reasons.

1. More features in TrackOnline.

At Bexter we continue to innovate and develop TrackOnline. In 2019 we uploaded various new features such as TrackOnline CONNECT. With TrackOnline CONNECT we connect organizations that exchange packaging with each other. In addition, you can now sign transactions online in the mobile app of TrackOnline and already processed transactions can now easily be adjusted. We also added the German language as well as the balance per location. We accelerated the software and changed and improved the layout. In short, these new developments and improvements are a good reason to consider TrackOnline.

2. Optimal supply chain during busy periods

During the most hectic periods of the year you can achieve a lot of growth as an organization. A lot of transactions are made and there is a lot of communication between you and your relations. It is of great importance that the supply chain is optimally organized during these days. After all, during busy days you can book a lot of turnover, but it also means that more things can go wrong. With TrackOnline you avoid problems such as wrong or not on time delivered load carriers, missing packaging and poor or no communication with relations. TrackOnline ensures an optimal supply chain during peak days by providing insight into stock management, correct administration, and good and fast communication with relations. Because of this more efficient way of working, there is more time left for other issues during busy days and you are optimal prepared for the high season.

3. More time for important things

Administrative work takes a lot of time and needs to be executed precisely. TrackOnline takes care of a flawless and fast administration. Transactions and documents can be checked and the free function  allows you to digitally connect with organizations you work with. Faster administration saves time for more important matters.

4. Keep up with digitalization

The digitization of organizations is once again an important trend in 2020, meaning, among other things, that digital business processes are now the rule rather than the exception. As an organization you can no longer ignore it. Does your organization wants to keep up with trends such as digitization and modern communication in 2020? TrackOnline puts you on the right track, providing 24/7 insight into your data through access to the cloud on any device, Internet or Things (IoT) capability of tracking your packaging and a chat function for mutual contact.

5. If you don’t try, you’ll never know

TrackOnline is the best product to manage your packaging flows between your organization and your relations. Try the free trial of TrackOnline now for 30 days! For questions about TrackOnline please contact 1 of our TrackOnline Experts.