It is high on the agenda at many companies: the digitalization of business processes. Especially in this day and age, where as much as possible has to be done remotely, digitalization is crucial. Because activities continue for a number of sectors, such as supermarkets, distribution centers and transporters. We would like to give these sectors extra support so that they can work as efficiently, optimal, effectively and simply as possible.

Digital= Efficient

Not wasting time while you’re working, that’s working efficiently. In other words, achieving as much result as possible with as little effort as possible. In this time of stocking up supplies, there is a lot of pressure on the retail chain. By managing reusable packaging online – the load carriers with which products are transported to the shops – a retail organization can work in a more targeted and efficient way.

Digital = Optimizing

An important aspect of the retail sector is ensuring that there is always enough stock available. For example, it is important that retailers are well stocked to ensure that they have enough crates circulating. With the help of an online platform you have real-time insight into where your packaging is and enables you to optimize your stock management. Because you can retrieve and view data faster, you will have a faster and better administration of your packaging. You will know exactly how much packaging you have and will therefore be able to keep a smaller stock.

Digital = Effective

Working goal-oriented is effective. This means that you work in such a way that the goal is achieved. If we take a very straightforward look at organizations, the costs and returns are the most important. Because no organization wants to go bankrupt. In these days in retail that means that products have to arrive at supermarkets in one piece (by means of packaging), no empty miles are driven and the numbers/types of packaging are known. By digitalizing these business processeseffectiveness increases.

Digital = Easy

Working efficiently and effectively means that the work has to be as easy as possible. However, the digitalization of business processes does not seem easy, although nothing could be further from the truth. It is possible to register and manage (reusable) packaging online. Companies that wanted to process various registrations easily in combination with modern communication possibilities, were already ahead of you.

Take the step yourself

We are now offering a helping hand to digitize and optimize business processes remotely, of course. We do this by offering an online demo, given by one of our TrackOnline experts. But you can also use TrackOnline yourself for 30 days free of charge. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us: