Managing logistics assets is a very comprehensive process. It starts with transporting the goods produced all the way to delivering them to the end customer. Logically, logistics service providers are always looking for ways to optimize the process of logistics assets. We provide 4 tips for managing logistics assets in the supply chain.

#1 Gain 24/7 insight

Always know where the returnable assets are. It is something we guarantee with our returnable asset management platform TrackOnline. Insufficient or no insight into the amount and location of your logistic assets can have several negative consequences. For example, there is a risk of a shortage of load carriers which could mean that products can no longer be transported. When a shortage is imminent, an organization will purchase additional returnable assets or rent additional ones. It will also possibly find out at which location remain logistical assets. However, without real-time visibility into the exact numbers of logistics assets at each location, it’s your word against his.

When using an online returnable asset management platform, you are assured of real-time insight and know exactly who still needs to return logistic assets. By coordinating the quantities of logistic assets online, your business relations are also immediately informed of the exact quantities at the locations. In short, better management of returnable assets.

#2 Get rid of the paper administration

A paper administration for registration and administration of returnable packaging. It’ s still executed this way too often. A paper administration means a lot of unnecessary work and more risk of manual errors. Organizations that manually log and register logistics assets often process this in folders or Excel. This means that the incoming and outgoing numbers of logistic assets have to be retyped afterwards, which means a lot of extra work. With TrackOnline you register the returnable packaging numbers directly in the mobile application or desktop. Read more about this in the article: TrackOnline vs. Excel: 5 reasons why you should consider TrackOnline.

By moving away from paper packaging administration you work more efficiently and save time. With the returnable packaging platform you reduce the risk of (manual) errors. In addition, orders are directly in TrackOnline, when you use an API connection. By getting rid of the paper packaging administration, you will be more efficient in managing your logistic assets.

#3 Connect the various software systems with each other

Different technologies are often used within an organization, such as software for orders and an HR system. As a result, data is obtained from different sources and this can become very chaotic for an organization. One important thing when organizations use different software systems, is that they are or can be connected to each other. With TrackOnline this is possible through smart logistics solutions. TrackOnline has several API connections with ERP, WMS and TMS systems. This way, orders from the ERP, WMS or TMS system are automatically imported into TrackOnline. Through the API connection you automate various manual activities in the management of returnable assets.

#4 Automate the processes

The last and very important tip in managing logistics assets efficiently: automate as many manual operations of the business processes as possible. Automating manual work saves time and resources. The logistics process contains many stages where digitization and automation can be applied. Read more here in the article: Automation and digitalization of the logistics process at the industrial baker. TrackOnline supports organizations in automating the logistics process. The returnable asset management platform has various automation rules, such as automatically sending reports and emails based on certain triggers.

Do you also want optimal management of your logistic returnable assets? With the online returnable asset management platform, you are assured of optimal management. Through real-time insight, you are always aware of the quantities of logistic assets at each location. The API connection allows you to place orders directly in TrackOnline and automate your returnable asset administration process. Would you like more information? Download the brochure or request the online demo of TrackOnline. Rather try TrackOnline yourself first? Create a free trial period of 30 days, with no obligations or credit card registration!