Systems should speak the same language, so that manual entries are no longer necessary. This is possible with TrackOnline, by connecting your own TMS, ERP or WMS system to TrackOnline. Linking TrackOnline is advisable when you want to automate your business processes. In this article we explain how such a connection works, what the advantages are and whether it’s necessary or not.

An ERP system is used in a company for various operational activities. It is computer software that almost everyone in the company uses, for example the financial employee processes the orders in the system and the logistics manager checks the incoming orders.

Systems talk to each other

A connection to an ERP system is easy to realize with TrackOnline, in fact with any software. With a connection, packaging data can be exchanged. We therefore often say that a connection allows the systems to talk to each other.

In order to ensure that the systems work well together, the customer’s business processes are mapped out, including the role that software plays in them. The consultant/backend developer can use his technical knowledge and that of TrackOnline to determine how the connection will be established.

Couplings in TrackOnline

In TrackOnline several standard couplings are developed that you can immediately implement. There are couplings available with TMS, ERP and WMS systems, such as Navision and AFAS. In addition, other links can always be realized in consultation with other software providers. For example the MatchOnline and FloriSoft interface has been developed for the floriculture industry.

Coupling for effectiveness

The advantage of a coupling with an ERP, WMS or TMS system and TrackOnline is the time gain. With a connection you are no longer required to type in information from one system into the other system, but data from the system is automatically imported into TrackOnline. This brings you one step closer to the digitalization of business processes.

When the coupling is realized you will work more effectively, and because data is available in real-time, the packaging transactions are always updated. This way you always know how many packaging items are in stock and where they are. It also reduces manual input and prevents manual errors.

Connecting is a must

The coupling between an ERP system and TrackOnline is not necessary, but definitely a must. For many customers the coupling is of great importance, such as for Avalanche customers who want to switch to TrackOnline. The connection was also an advantage for HB, the specialist in handling Returnable Transport Items (RTIs) in the supply chain of the food industry. Bas Thuijs, financial director at HB, sees the benefits of TrackOnline: ‘The more modern set-up of TrackOnline supports our information needs. The management is better provided with information that is collected from various applications through smart connections’. Customers who use TrackOnline can opt for a coupling, however, this is only possible from a PRO license.

Get to work more effectively and make the coupling between your ERP, WMS or TMS system and TrackOnline. Let one of the TrackOnline experts advise you, they will gladly look and think along with you. Send an email to us or call us (015) 750 10 507.