Organizations that administer digitally often do this with Excel. Not surprising, because it is a well-known and trusted program. Conventient for spreadsheets and analyzes, but not when you need it for an overview of your transport process with reusable packaging.

Tables full of the number of Danish trolleys filled with your plants or flowers, which are transported by transporter X, to auction Y and end up at customer Z. As you probably know, this sounds clearer than it actually is.

Because you don’t always have to deal with one transporter, you deal with five. And not all your products go to the auction, they go to six regular customers with their own transport company. That is complex. Excel can do a lot, but do you still have an overview in your auction cart administration with Excel? Because what if you get three carts less back and your customer is convinced that they have returned them?

Why should you choose TrackOnline?

With TrackOnline you can see digitally where your packaging is, you link directly with your supplier, transporter or customer and you manage transactions and balances. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider TrackOnline so that you can collaborate digitally with your floriculture chain.

1. Know where your packaging is 24/7

Do you have a mobile phone, tablet or computer? Then you are ready to go to get started. With a direct insight into your load carriers, such as CC containers, flower containers, Danish carts or other reusable packaging. Always and everywhere know where your packaging is.

2. Communicate with the entire floriculture chain

In your own online environment you can start registering packaging. Use TrackOnline entirely for your own packaging stock and invite your floriculture chain partner to create an administration with TrackOnline. This is also possible without registering an account. Now, just like Van der Knaap Group, you can work together digitally and exchange data.

3. Create reports

Sharing reports with your employee (s) or cooperation partner (s) is a must. Make and share transactions, so you can easily inform stakeholders about the state of affairs. Simply download the packaging voucher and complete your digital administration. Transactions and balances are quickly visible through dashboards and reports.

You make a packaging voucher in the Transaction overview. Right-click on a line and click on “Download document” and then “Transaction document”.

4. Manage everything in one place

See at a glance where your barrels or carts are and how long? This is possible with the transaction overview and the dashboard that you can set up to your own liking. Here you can check the status of your load carriers and balance confirmations. The number of (balance) load carriers that has been transported to location B can be confirmed or canceled by the location itself.

5. Receive notifications in case of shortage

An (unexpected) shortage of carts and auction trolleys is never fun. So is there a risk of shortage and do you have to buy or rent extra carts? Then you will be notified. That way you are always prepared and you can switch quickly. You also have time for other activities.

Interested in making the switch from Excel to TrackOnline? Try it now 30 days for free. For questions you can send an email to 1 of our TrackOnline Experts or subscribe to the TrackOnline newsletter and stay informed of the latest developments.