A paper administration costs time, space and money for every company. It seems such a big step to digitize the administration. TrackOnline makes digitizing your administration possible.

What is TrackOnline?

TrackOnline is the online packaging platform with which we give the floriculture industry the opportunity to collaborate digitally. Know always and everywhere where your carts, containers, cans and / or flower buckets are, and how many. Because managing carts and barrels does not have to be difficult.

No more loose coupons

We have traditionally known paper administration from orders to transactions and everything in between. All on paper. That is not sustainable and certainly not well-arranged. And the latter is one of the reasons why you want to get rid of the paper method, not to mention the space that a paper administration takes up! Can you honestly say that you still have an overview this way?

With TrackOnline, parties in the floriculture can register and manage reusable containers such as buckets. Get insight into all transactions and balances at a glance. With TrackOnline you can easily create and share reports to complete your digital administration.

Excel is a thing of the past

Many organizations take the first step by doing the administration on the computer. The most used program? Excel! A well-known and trusted program. Useful for data analyzes and spreadsheets, but not when you need it for overview in your packaging process. Tables full of the number of trolleys filled with your plants or flowers, which are transported by transporter X, to auction Y and end up at retailer Z. As you probably know, this sounds clearer than it actually is. Because you don’t always have to deal with one transporter, but with five. And not all your products go to the auction, but to six regular retailers with their own transport company. Very complex. Excel can do a lot, but do you still have an overview? Because what if you get three carts less back and your customer is convinced that they have returned them to you?

This is easier with the dashboards in TrackOnline! Transactions and balances are quickly visible through dashboards and reports. Both via the app on the mobile phone and tablet and on the computer, you always and everywhere know where your load carriers are.

Direct contact

Switching between grower, transporter, retailer, exporter and auction must be quick and efficient. Calling and e-mailing back and forth takes (a lot of) time, time you can better spend on other activities.

But if you have lost three flower carts, you want to know where they are and when they will be returned. The end is quickly lost, because you are dealing with several parties and hundreds, or not thousands of Danish containers, casks, buckets, tins, pallets or CC carts. Avoid discussions about missing load carriers due to illegible packing slips or incorrect registration, this takes a lot of time and therefore money.

With digital insight into your packaging administration, you can immediately switch over the missing flower carts with the relevant party. You can quickly reconcile, confirm and change balances. Send a digital reconciliation to your customer to get approval for the packaging to be received.

With TrackOnline your supplier, transporter or customer can confirm or change balance reconciliations, even if they do not have an account. By sending them a digital reconciliation, they can agree on the packaging to be received.

Rent or buy carts

It was mentioned earlier: time is essential. Especially in the floriculture sector, because plants and flowers have a limited shelf life. By digitizing with TrackOnline, you gain insight into the processes of your organization. You know how many carts there are with which customer, when the carts are on the way with transporter X or if there is a risk of a shortage of carts you have to rent or buy extra carts.

TrackOnline can be linked to your sales system. When the customer buys 150 plants, TrackOnline knows that 15 Danish containers must be used for transport.

Enthusiastic about TrackOnline?

Like many other companies paperless through life? This can be done by digitizing. Digitize with TrackOnline. TrackOnline is an online platform for registering your returnable transport items. Spend your time on your work and try TrackOnline for 30 days for free! Contact Bexter and we will be happy to help you digitize your paper administration.

TrackOnline is developed by Bexter. The market standard for packaging management.