Registering load carriers such as bread crates, trolleys, plastic pallets and Danish carts makes your work a lot more efficient and effective. Read here about the advantages of registering your bread crates and other load carriers.

Manage packaging

The need to register and manage (reusable) packaging is only increasing. Nowadays, many organizations are making the switch to an optimally sustainable workflow. In this way, organizations also take a critical look at the usage of the kind of packaging and the choice for reusable packaging is made faster. Here you can read which types of packaging there are and the pros and cons of single-use and reusable packaging.

You want to manage reusable packaging, after all, it has cost you enough money.  You can easily do this with TrackOnline, the online packaging registration system for all your load carriers such as bread crates and bread carts. With TrackOnline you can get started right away and now you can start working free of charge for 30 days. This way you will experience the benefits as always and everywhere insightcost reduction and time savings.

Packaging responsibility

In addition to digital registration, it is important that the responsibility is established. How does a packaging transaction actually take place, who is responsible for which amount? If an external exporter is used, does he have responsibility for the packaging balance? And what about your own carriers, because are they fully responsible for the number of bread crates they deliver and collect? Your customer also plays a major role in this. If you have him sign for the delivered products and associated load carriers, he will be responsible for the load carriers at that time. The customer must ensure that the correct number of load carriers is ready when the carrier picks them up. When the carrier takes them with him and signs for them, the responsibility lies with the carrier again. These are some of the possibilities with regard to the responsibility, but you can also set it up differently yourself.

Real-time insight

When the responsibility is divided, it is essential that your customer and / or carrier have real-time insight into the packaging flow. In addition, real-time insight contributes to an efficient collaboration. With TrackOnline you can offer this. You can invite your customer and / or carrier for free to TrackOnline CONNECT.  This gives them real-time insight into their packaging transactions. In addition to direct insight, it also has the advantage that when something is not right you can chat in the corresponding transaction.

‘TrackOnline works efficiently’

By registering your reusable packaging, you manage your packaging flow as it were. You know what comes in and what goes out. You can easily fine-tune balances with your contacts with TrackOnline, so you have less miscommunication or discussions. As Gerjanne van Zijverden, administrative employee at Van der Knaap Group, also states: ‘TrackOnline is easy to work with. For an overview of the Danish carts, we can ask our customers for their approval via TrackOnline. TrackOnline therefore works very efficiently for us’.

Do you also want to get a grip on your packaging and work with TrackOnline just like Van der Knaap? Try it for free for 30 days or contact 1 of our TrackOnline Experts and get advice specific to your organization.