Do you ever rent or buy an x number of bread crates and bread carts last minute because you have a shortage? These are unnecessarily high costs and cause high blood pressure, which could be prevented. Prevention is better than cure, so make sure you always have enough bread crates in stock! You can read how to do that in this article.

Always know what you have in stock

Make sure you know exactly how much of each type of packaging is available. It sounds simple: know how many Broban bread crates and dollies you own. However, it’s often hard to keep track of the numbers of crates and dollies when they leave your bakery every day to deliver bread and pastry products to various locations.

Of course you keep track of everything, in Excel or a shared Google Docs file, but this does not provide a real-time overview. Not for you and not for your transporters and customers.

Register and manage your bread crates

TrackOnline is the online packaging management system. With TrackOnline you can easily register and manage the number of Broban crates, carts and other types of packaging digitally. This way you have:

✔ insight into the numbers and types of packaging;

✔ overview of where your packaging is located;

✔ digital check by carriers and customers;

✔ control over the incoming and outgoing packaging flows.

Start at the beginning

Taking the first step towards a digital process feels like a major step, but with TrackOnline you can get started right away, try it for free for 30 days now!  When you start working with TrackOnline, this is one of the digital processes:

  1. Create a transaction with x number of Broban crates and x number of carts.
  2. The delivery is done with the transporter, he checks the receipt, signs it in the mobile application and takes it with him.
  3. The delivery arrives on location, this is also digitally signed.
  4. Bread crates and carts are taken immediately or later, this is also signed off. In case of loss or damage, a photo is taken and attached to the transaction.
  5. Delivery arrives at the bakery and is checked.
  6. You have a real-time overview of the numbers of your bread crates and other load carriers.

Sharing real-time data

For your organization real-time insight is advantageous, allowing you to know immediately how much of your packaging such as bread crates and bread carts are actually in place. But real-time insight also has advantages for your carriers and customers. You no longer have to chase missing packaging, unreadable handwriting or damage e-mails. Instead, you can chat directly in the relevant transaction using the chat function in TrackOnline. By inviting your supplier and/or customer to use TrackOnline CONNECT free of charge, they will be able to watch in real time the packaging transaction between them.

No more working with paper receipts, Excel files and Google Docs. Get started immediately with TrackOnline. For questions please contact 1 of our TrackOnline Experts or register below for the TrackOnline newsletter and stay up to date with the latest developments and updates.