With TrackOnline the step to digital collaboration is being taken. Digital collaboration with organizations ensures efficient collaboration and an optimal supply chain. Digital collaboration is an important theme within our company, but why is this such a relevant topic and why does it benefit organizations? We answer these questions and explain how you can take the step to digital collaboration in this article.

Efficient collaboration

A good collaboration in the chain and with the organizations you work with is important for an optimal supply chain. If everyone has insight into what kind of packaging and the amount of packaging is where, then everyone knows where they stand. TrackOnline is aimed at efficient collaboration within the chain. The functionality TrackOnline CONNECT gives our customers the opportunity to invite contacts to TrackOnline. This is partly motivated by Bexter’s Referral Program. With TrackOnline CONNECT our customers can share data with each other by, among other things, sending transactions to contacts and chatting in the application. TrackOnline CONNECT also allows our customers’ contacts to view these transactions directly, so that everyone looks at the same data.

Digital is efficient

Working digitally is cost effective and efficient. Separate paper documents are disappearing more and more into the background, which is a good thing. With an online packaging registration platform you can easily look back in the history for a specific transaction. This avoids a long search between stacks of paper or a program like Excel that gets stuck. In addition, working digitally and importing packaging into an online platform is less prone to errors, because less manual work is performed. Working digitally and collaboratively means that fewer mistakes are made and you work more efficiently. 

Connect your network

With TrackOnline CONNECT we want to digitally connect as many organizations as possible that already exchange packaging with each other. In this way we connect the chain with each other. The more contacts you invite, the easier it will be for you to collaborate digitally and optimize the chain. Because when everyone looks at the same data, discussions are avoided and everyone knows how much packaging is where.

A win-win situation

Inviting your relations to TrackOnline via TrackOnline CONNECT is a win-win situation for both parties. As a current TrackOnline customer, it makes it easier for you to collaborate digitally and optimize the chain. The same benefit applies to the relation, if he accepts the invitation. With the TrackOnline Channel Program, we want to motivate you as a customer to invite your relations. When an invited relation switches to a paid TrackOnline license, you earn an amount from this license and your relation receives TrackOnline for free for one month. With this reward plan, we want to connect the chain and thank our customers for recommending TrackOnline.

*For more information about the Channel Program, contact our Channel Manager.