TrackOnline is being used by various companies that are active in various sectors. To get an idea of ​​this, we let our customers speak. The section is kicked off by: Van der Knaap GroupVan der Knaap Group is a family business with production locations all over the world. It offers professional horticulture suitable solutions in the field of natural rooting and growing media. Van der Knaap Group uses TrackOnline to register their Danish trolleys and accessories.

Easily arranged

The system is easy to work with, because it meets the needs of the company, says Gerjanne van Zijverden, administrative assistant at Van der Knaap Group. With TrackOnline, the entire office has an overview of outstanding transactions, balances and actions. “We enter the packaging vouchers in TrackOnline. We then print out an overview once a week with all outstanding balances of Danish trolleys. We send outstanding transactions to the customer, so that the balance can be transferred or carts can be returned. On the overview we state the action taken, such as an email or telephone call and what the customer has indicated. “

Working efficiently

Together with their customers, Van der Knaap Group develops sustainable and high-quality products and services. TrackOnline ensures that they can interact quickly with their customers. “Via Balance Confirmation in TrackOnline we ask our customers to agree on the overview of the Danish trolleys. A very efficient way of working, ” says Gerjanne. In ‘Balance Confirmation’ you see the overview of transactions with a certain customer over a certain period. You can confirm or adjust the balance with the click of a button. When you adjust something, a new balance is sent.


The TrackOnline dashboard can be adjusted. According to Gerjanne this is a big advantage: “We can adjust the dashboard as desired. For example with the addition of tables and graphs showing the top ten balances. In addition, we see which customers’ address details are incomplete. ”

Gerjanne experiences the cooperation with Bexter (the developers of TrackOnline) as very nice and also sees this in the long term: “Looking to the future, we would like to see TrackOnline continue to develop, in order to keep the registration of our carts under control.”

Keep carts under control!

Managing carts, barrels or tins does not have to be difficult, since this can be done in one platform. Do you want to manage your carts or similar packaging just like Van der Knaap GroupTry TrackOnline free for 30 days. Or mail 1 of our TrackOnline Experts.

TrackOnline is developed by Bexter. The makers of Avalanche, the market standard for packaging management.