It is a well-known challenge in logistics: the loss of packaging such as Danish containers, barrels, trolleys, plates and other load carriers. Would you rather have the solution right away than this well-known challenge? Then quickly read on and/or scroll to the last paragraph.

Out of the delusion of the day

The goods are often central in the logistics process. These are produced, packaged and transported to retail as quickly as possible before being sold to the consumer. These goods are transported on (reusable) packaging, such as plastic pallets, Danes or carts. Because the first priority is to have the goods in the shop as soon as possible, the importance of packaging is often forgotten. It is neglected subject, which means that the counting of your own or rented packaging at the end of the day can sometimes be missed.

Financial risk

It often happens that the costs are high due to packaging shortages, which puts organizations in trouble. Here are two practical examples of how much money goes into packaging:

  • Incorrect packaging also has its consequences. In Denmark, there is an annual loss of between 270 million and 670 million euros in fresh fruit and vegetables in the distribution chain.
  • In 2019, 1,058 carts were stolen from Royal FloraHolland, causing 1.1 million damage.

Paper problem

By registering the packaging numbers, the challenge is recognised in the logistics chain. A handwritten note with the numbers will be given with the load or an email will be sent afterwards. To keep the administration in order, e-mails, faxes and handwritten receipts are collected in paper folders per customer, but it is easy to lose the overview. Let alone that it’s error-prone, because is it a 6 or an 8?

Overview on the (return) packaging flow

It seems obvious that the number of Danish containers you send will be returned as well. But nothing could be further from the truth. Loads are unloaded, paper vouchers are given back and forth, the packaging is damaged, a large number of Danish Containers enter the return flow and a number are delivered back to you. And yet you miss some load carriers?

Always and everywhere insight into how much packaging is located where

Think about it, if you’ve just pinned €50 and when you get home it turns out that you’ve lost it, you’ll be disappointed. The same goes for packaging, when you can’t get a grip on it and it gets lost. The solution is to make your work easier, less frustrated, time saving and easier. It’s simple, make sure you speak the same language with your logistics contacts at the same time, so you don’t lose your (rented) packaging anymore.

Control the packaging flow

Gain insight into your Danish containers or other type of packaging at multiple locations that move through the logistics chain with a digital platform. With a digital platform you can take on the challenge:

  • Avoid miscommunication and reading errors;
  • Direct insight into the numbers of Danish containers;
  • Overview of the financial status of your packaging flow;
  • Always and everywhere insight into how much packaging is where.

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