At the beginning of this week I listened to a lively and laughable discussion during the morning show on the radio. The reason for this discussion was the publication of a study by Reuma Nederland (rheumatism) among more than 10,000 people. This research shows that more than 98(!)% of the respondents have difficulty opening product packaging.

The remarkable conclusion is that all respondents – not just people with, for example, rheumatism – experience packaging problems, which caused great hilarity on the radio. It is simply difficult to open certain packages easily. This is probably recognizable for everyone.

Plastic boost

The image that the sidekicks sketched remained on my mind during my drive. Why is so much unnecessary plastic used to ‘package’ fruit and vegetables? Why are so many disposable plastic packaging used to this day? What is the impact of this plastic boost? How can we prevent the mountains of waste on land and swarms of floating plastic in the sea?

In an Albert Heijn branch in Hoofddorp, a test has been conducted this month with a plastic-free fruit and vegetable department. Hundreds of products without plastic packaging are on the shelves for a month. Let us hope that this test will be completed successfully and that plastic packaging for fruit and vegetables will disappear from the supermarkets.

Less plastic in 2025

Fortunately, leading companies, in the so-called Plastic Pact NL, have joined forces to reduce the one-time use of plastic packaging by 2025 as much as possible. Royal FloraHolland, for example, will encourage the use of reusable packaging.

I am very enthusiastic about the initiatives of a number of our customers: the development of circular load carrier programs. This goes much further than just ‘pooling’ load carriers. Waste and residual products are used as a raw material for new reusable cargo carriers!

Our part

So, less complicated plastic packaging. We also want to do our bit to make the world more sustainable. That is why we support sustainable concepts. Our software stimulates the reuse of packaging throughout the entire logistics chain. Logistic flows are easily, effectively and efficiently managed in TrackOnline. We are currently working on a number of interesting pilots!

Do you want to think along with us? Contact us and then feel free to come and discuss the possibilities while enjoying a cup of tea, coffee or something else.