Transporters often work under time pressure. With a mobile application for the registration of orders and returnable packaging, drivers will save time. A quick administration with a mobile application for transporters is what TrackOnline offers. With the TrackOnline mobile application, transporters have all relevant information available. In this article you will read more about how transporters can speed up their administration without extra time-consuming actions.

Less administrative work for drivers

Transporters are responsible for the on-time availability of the products at the various delivery addresses. During a single trip, several locations are visited and returnable packaging is unloaded and picked up. A clear planning is therefore of great importance to drivers. In addition, a driver often spends a lot of time on the registration of the trip. During a trip the driver needs to register information about the products sent and picked up and the corresponding returnable packaging. As an organization, you want transporters to minimize the time spent on administration so that more kilometers can be driven. The TrackOnline mobile application offers simplicity and efficiency for transporters. It allows drivers to easily register packaging, view orders and make changes about quantities immediately.

Quick and easy application

The TrackOnline mobile application is built in such a way that everything can be viewed and registered quickly. The application has few buttons, options and possibilities, so it’s always clear what the driver has to do. Returnable packaging transactions are easy to register or change, whenever quantities or the type of packaging needs to be adjusted. Read more here in the article: Packaging management on your mobile.

By allowing drivers to use the TrackOnline mobile application, administration will be easier and faster. This is also stated by Adriana van Noordennen, one of the drivers at Bakkerij de Paauw. According to her, the drivers were initially reluctant to use the TrackOnline mobile application. But once the benefits and convenience were experienced, everyone was quickly convinced of the app. According to Van Noordennen, for drivers it is very beneficial that all important information is in one place, that you can see at a glance how much returnable packaging is at each location and that you can register it immediately.

Digital signature and TMS integration

Within the mobile application it is possible to add additional documents to a returnable packaging transaction. The digital waybill and pdf documents are easily added to a transaction.  Also, it is possible to add an image, for example if you want to take a picture of the delivery note or freight bill or if packaging is damaged. In addition, a digital signature can be added for receipt or return of packaging.  Finally, it is possible to connect the TMS system to TrackOnline. This means that orders with the corresponding packaging from the TMS system are automatically imported into TrackOnline. In short, all information about returnable packaging transactions is available in one returnable packaging platform.

Transporters with the mobile application of TrackOnline, are assured of a quick and easy administration during their trip. More information? Contact us by email or phone (+315 750 10 50) and one of our employees will show you more about TrackOnline during an online demo. If you want to try TrackOnline yourself first, request a free trial and download our mobile app for iOS or Android.