One of the most interesting trends in logistics packaging is the use of reusable packaging. In the course of time, returnable packaging can cost considerably less than, for example, cardboard boxes, saving both purchase and disposal costs. On the other hand, the use of reusable packaging can significantly increase logistics costs due to the need to control the return cycle.

An operational advantage

The use of returnable packaging requires an investment in containers, extra transport and systems for the management of the empty material. An operational advantages is that packaging can be designed in such a way that it’s easier to move, pack and process products and packages. Sometimes you can even lower operating costs because you can design packaging to optimize transport and storage space.

Keep an eye on it!

The ultimate management of your optimized fleet of packaging is more difficult than it seems. Containers are routinely wrongly addressed or lost, so it’s vital to keep an eye on a constantly moving fleet of packaging and to know at a glance how you actually stand. The best practice solution in the market is a tracking system that helps manage packaging flows, such as TrackOnline. This way you can see in real-time where your packaging is located on the basis of GPS, but it also keeps track of which cargo has gone to whom and if it’s still at the customer’s location. Some parties use uniquely identifiable packaging through the use of barcodes, others don’t. We support both possibilities. We not only have the latest tools to get returnable packaging under control, but are also market leaders in the Netherlands.

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