Press release

TrackOnline is the packaging platform with which we give the floriculture chain the opportunity to collaborate digitally. You have immediate access, so you always and everywhere know where packaging such as carts and reusable packaging are. You exchange data directly with chain partners in their own environment in the platform. Sharing transactions, balances and documents with parties such as carriers, growers, exporters and end customers has never been easier!

Working efficiently

Van der Knaap Group uses TrackOnline to provide insight into the transport of, among other things, the Danish trolleys to their customers. Gerjanne van Zijverden, administrative assistant, is very enthusiastic about TrackOnline: “The system is easy to work with. For the overview of the Danish trolleys we can ask our customers for approval via TrackOnline. That is why TrackOnline works very efficiently for us ”. Installation of the software on a computer is not necessary, an internet connection is sufficient. In addition, an easy and user-friendly app is available.

Realtime insight

With TrackOnline growers, transporters, exporters and other parties in floriculture can register and manage carts, reusable barrels such as buckets and / or trays. TrackOnline provides insight into transactions and balances through dashboards, overviews and reports. Other software packages can be easily linked. This means that loose paper administration is a thing of the past.

One click on the button

Direct balancing and sharing with other parties is now even easier and digital. This function shows transactions and balances with a counterparty over a certain period. With one click, the balance can be confirmed or corrected in the platform. Naturally, this reconciliation can be mailed or downloaded.

TrackOnline has been developed by Bexter. The makers of Avalanche, the market standard for packaging management. Use this platform? Go to (Dutch) for more information and try TrackOnline for the first 30 days for free on computer and / or the app!