The online registration platform for the world’s largest flower auction’s packaging pool

Delft/Aalsmeer, 1 Sept – Bexter, the developer of TrackOnline, and Royal FloraHolland have entered into a long-lasting collaborative partnership to optimise the use and registration of returnable assets. These assets include all possible logistic packaging units and equipment, such as flower and plant containers, CC containers and plates, and lock plates.

The already successful collaboration now continues in a project that will see Royal FloraHolland make the transfer from their current solution to a fully Cloud-based platform. The transfer will make the work method particularly more efficient as all data will be available on one data platform. The TrackOnline platform allows clients worldwide to identify and register a whole range of different transactions with returnable assets.

Royal FloraHolland is a cooperative of growers of cut flowers and/or plants and the world’s largest flower auction, located in Aalsmeer, Naaldwijk, Rijnsburg, and Eelde. Its annual product turnover in 2021 amounted to 5.6 billion euros. 11.7 billion flowers and plants were transacted in 2021, and these flowers and plants are transported to all corners of the world via the company’s reusable load carriers.

Last year, Royal FloraHolland started an international tendering process to manage the registration and administration of all the flows of logistic equipment more efficiently. TrackOnline proved to be the best software solution that can match the huge scale Royal FloraHolland needs to manage. And thus the contracts were finalised and signed in August 2022.

By aligning the vast numbers of packaging units online, business relations are kept up to date with everyone’s packaging transactions. At the same time, the Cloud-based proposition provided by TrackOnline makes it easy to upscale or downscale the deployment of these packaging units. The latter is especially important in the flower and plant trade as the sector knows significant peak periods.

Sandra Heerspink, product specialist at Bexter, has been closely involved with Royal FloraHolland for over 10 years and is very pleased with Royal FloraHolland’s choice of implementing TrackOnline. “I’m proud that Royal FloraHolland wants to continue our partnership and I’m happy that Bexter can facilitate this increased efficiency for Royal FloraHolland.

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