The end of the year is in sight and so it is about time to give the latest TrackOnline quarterly update of 2020. The last quarter has again brought a lot of updates and new functionalities. Here we describe some of the most important updates and new functionalities.

New transaction overview is live!

The display of the filters in the transaction overview has been changed, they are now on the left side. This makes the overview look calmer. In addition, more filter options have been added. For example, in the new transaction overview you can filter by license plate. In addition, the navigation links to and from the location have been removed. This way you will no longer accidentally click on the location, but you will always go directly to the transaction details screen. Also you can now display ten items in the overview if it is in the filtered itemset. Furthermore, all columns are visible and you can scroll horizontally. The columns are no longer folded at the end of a row. In addition, you can scroll indefinitely to new results in the overview. After the first 50 transactions the next 50 results will be loaded on the same page.

Inline editing of transactions in the overview

It is now possible to modify existing transactions in the transaction overview, as long as they have not yet been processed. In the transaction overview you can modify and save the row. This is possible for the fields with a date, location, editor, status, numbers (of any type) and numbers. This update applies to each license type.

Rental contracts

The fourth quarter has seen many different updates for rental contracts. The most important additions to the rental contracts are the selection of a rental and billing period and the digital signing of contracts. Finally, you can now extend a contract manually, resulting in a copy of the current contract for a new period. Also, a financial module has been added to the application that allows calculations to be made for customers covered by a tag or separate accounts. Here you can perform calculations on fees, daily rent and rental contracts. This can be exported to a pdf file and shared with your relations. These updates only apply to licenses from Pro+.

Mobile application

For the mobile application, several improvements have been made with regard to filtering in the app. Furthermore, it is now possible to register both outgoing and incoming transactions in the mobile application, just like in the web application. In addition, you can hide transactions that are no longer able to be processed in the transaction overview, this ensures more order. Incidentally, this does not apply to transactions with an e-CMR, these remain visible. The updates have been implemented for all license types.

Other updates and improvements

These updates are just a selection of all the updates that have been developed, below you will find some more important updates.

– You can now set a variable transaction fee in TrackOnline, where you enter the price when adding the fee.

– For administrations that do not use unique items, everything about unique items can be hidden in the web application.

– A new business rule and action for the process rules has been added to move related transactions to the next status.

– An import tool has been created for XML and Excels from external systems and the import log has been extended to show more information about executed imports.

– Rides can now also be generated in the web application.

– Furthermore, we should mention that from 2021 we will distinguish between balance bearing transactions and informative transactions, where informative transactions can be hidden in overviews and reports.

This was just a selection of all the new updates and functionalities of the last quarter. Would you like to stay up to date with the latest developments of TrackOnline? Then follow our LinkedIn page and sign up for the newsletter below. We are also always open to ideas and tips for our packaging registration platform TrackOnline. Do you have any tips or feedback? Feel free to contact us!