Renowned logistics provider Vliet Containers announced last month that they are switching to TrackOnline. In doing so, they make the definitive step from Avalanche to TrackOnline.

For more than 20 years Van Vliet Containers is the rental partner of many parties in the floriculture industry. Van Vliet Containers serves clients not only in Europe, but all over the world. With a complete service package, it provides services ranging from the development and repair of load carriers to the supply and rental of load carriers. Besides the floriculture sector, Van Vliet Containers is also active in the retail and e-fulfilment sector. Here, it is taking concrete steps in e-fulfilment and last-mile delivery.

Pleasant cooperation

By signing a multi-year agreement for TrackOnline, Van Vliet Containers extends the cooperation with Bexter. ‘A cooperation we are proud of’, says Toon de Jong, Commercial Director at Bexter. ‘We have been working with Van Vliet Containers for many years and the fact that they have chosen Bexter again is a recognition of the trust and appreciation we have for each other,’ said De Jong. Bob IJpelaar, Managing Director of Van Vliet Containers, is positive about the future with TrackOnline supporting the core activities of the company.

‘It’s the expertise we’re looking for in addition to our own expertise.’

Connecting the returnables flow

The transition from Avalanche to TrackOnline fits seamlessly into Van Vliet Containers’ vision and IJpelaar can only encourage this. ‘There is no other software package in the world that can connect all return flows with all the conditions you set like Bexter does. The expertise of Bexter is exactly what we are looking for in addition to our own expertise’, says IJpelaar.

More information about the transition to TrackOnline, please send us an email and we will contact you.