We are constantly developing our platform and also while working from home we have not stopped. That’s a good thing, because we want to remain innovative and continue to serve you, the customer, as well as possible, so that you work with the latest updated version of the software. TrackOnline is a Software as a Service (Saas) product, which aims to relieve the burden on various sectors such as retail, transport and floriculture by providing control over logistics processes. Not only control, but also saving time and money. In this blog we discuss the latest developments of TrackOnline.

TrackOnline inbox

There is now a new functionality available in TrackOnline that allows you to view your sent and received packaging reports. Are you already using this feature? If not, we explain here why you should!

With the new functionality of TrackOnline you can see to whom and when you have sent packaging reports. Just like you can with your ‘sent items’ in your email! This way you are 100% sure to whom you have sent what and when.

How can I use this new functionality?

In TrackOnline you can go to your messages from TrackOnline CONNECT and from here to send messages. Here you can see to whom you have sent which report. This way you know exactly which contact has received the report from, for example, this week. However, you will only see this if you have a TrackOnline CONNECT connection with the contact to whom you are sending reports.

Create a TrackOnline CONNECT connection

Don’t have a TrackOnline CONNECT connection yet? No problem! You can easily connect your network via TrackOnline CONNECT. In this video we explain how to invite your relations to TrackOnline CONNECT and on the support page you can find an extensive step-by-step plan. Start right away and get immediate insight into who you have recently sent which reports to!

Import transactions from the Royal FloraHolland portal

For organizations who do business with Royal FloraHolland there is now a new functionality that allows you to easily import data to TrackOnline. As a floriculture organization, you have probably registered Danish containers, (lock) plates and trays at some point, where you came into contact with the service within the Royal FloraHolland portal, called: Logistic resources Online. This service allows you to export transactions to a standardized XML format. You can now easily import this XML file into TrackOnline. This gives you direct insight into all packaging transactions with your customers, suppliers, auction(s) and transporters with just a few clicks. Get a grip on your packaging flows and reduce your losses!

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