We are constantly developing our application. That’s a good thing, because we want to remain innovative. Continue to serve our customers as well as possible so that they work with the latest updated version of the software. And as we wrote earlier, software use in the Netherlands is increasing. TrackOnline is such a Software as a Service (Saas) product, with which we want to relieve various sectors such as floriculture, by offering a grip on logistics processes. Not only grip, but also saving time and money.

Digital signature

You can now sign transactions in the TrackOnline mobile application. If you, as a transporter, need a signature for receipt or delivery of the packaging, this can now easily be done in the TrackOnline application.

The TrackOnline application not only saves the signature, but also the following points:

  • GPS location of signs
  • Name
  • Date and time

A transaction document with signature is stored on the transaction. This way, all information can be found in one place.

Trip number

We have also made a journey document available. You can request the journeys for each transporter.

A packaging transaction can be transported in one journey, but two different transactions can also be transported in one journey. For example, if five Danish carts with roses are transported in one ride and seven CC Containers with Christmas trees, they have the same ride number. In short, multiple transactions can be bundled in one trip, this provides an overview for the carrier.

By adding trip numbers, you can filter on this and the transaction can be found quickly. This functionality has been added to both the web application and the mobile application.


Transactions that have already been processed cannot be adjusted, but sometimes a correction must be made. The transactions that have already been processed can now be easily adjusted by right-clicking on the transaction.

In your transaction you can now indicate at which dock or box the packaging is located. Dock number and box can now be added as a column in the transaction overview.

Balance limitation

You can now impose restrictions on carriers who transport your packaging and locations where your packaging is going in TrackOnline. For example, with balance restriction when a location has too much balance, you want it to be unable to receive packaging, such as carts. With only an exchange restriction, a location still has the option of returning the carts. In the latter case, a location has transactions of the “exchange” type. The balance cannot rise or fall.

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