The first quarter of 2020 is finished and a lot has changed in this time. Not only in the world but also in our packaging registration platform TrackOnline. TrackOnline is an online platform where packaging can be registered and managed. TrackOnline is also available as a mobile application. We are constantly developing and improving both the software and the mobile app. Here you can read the developments and updates of the first quarter in 2020.

Custom forms

TrackOnline users can now fill out the transaction forms as they wish, depending on the licence. This means that users can indicate which fields they want and don’t want to use for a packaging transaction. For example, a user can require a field to be filled in. In addition, it is possible to have fields respond automatically based on the organization’s business logic.


RFID is not new in our software but it is now possible to scan RFID via the mobile application of TrackOnline. For this purpose the user installs the TrackOnline app on the scanner and then it is ready to use!

Improved custom reporting

The custom reports have been expanded and improved. Bexter users can now customize and personalize the reports even better for TrackOnline users, such as packing slips and CMR documents. 

Process management improvement

Clients with a PRO+ license or higher can now set up a ‘process management’ per transaction type. With a Pro+ license or higher it is possible to translate the business processes to a number of types and it is now possible to set up a transaction process per type. The lifecycle of a transaction can be set up in the transaction process. For example, one can set up which statuses a transaction must go through before it is completed.

Related data

TrackOnline can authorize users within the TrackOnline administration even better for the data that certain users are allowed to see. Users who are administrators can assign TrackOnline website or app users to certain locations or transactions so that they can only see and access this data.

Furthermore, we are continuously working hard to solve problems and process feedback from customers. If you want to stay up to date with the developments of TrackOnline, please sign up for the newsletter below. If you have any questions about the latest developments or ideas about what else we can add to TrackOnline, please contact us!