Data sharing is playing an increasingly important role in logistics companies. For example, the research results from the ING Economic Bureau published earlier this year. One of the sectors where a lot of software is used to share data is the transport sector, according to ING. In particular for good planning, load management and performance per vehicle.


With our TrackOnline software we respond to this to relieve our customers by providing insight into the logistics processes. We make data collection and exchange possible with the digital packaging registration platform TrackOnline. This allows our customers to directly share data from packaging transactions in their own online environment and to reconcile balances with chain partners.

The advantages

Linking administrations to each other with TrackOnline CONNECT connects the supply chain. You share transactions and documents with each other, so that everyone looks at the same data. Less administrative work and discussions are thus avoided. In other words, the new digital collaboration. Incorrect interpretations are prevented because everyone in the chain looks at the same data.

Benefits of exchanging data:

  • 24/7 insight into your data
  • paperless administration
  • fewer (communication) errors

Digital collaboration

With the newest functionality TrackOnline CONNECT, we want to connect as many organizations as possible that already exchange packaging with each other digitally. This is how we connect the chain with each other! With TrackOnline CONNECT you can invite your customer. That way, your customer has free access to his own TrackOnline CONNECT environment and looks directly at the same data.

ICT & Logistics exhibition

The fact that we are interested also shows in large events and exhibitions where we are present, such as IT & Logistics, where the theme is smart warehousing. A theme that arose from the question “how do we deal with the digitization of our production and logistics processes?”. We will be present with a stand at ICT & Logistics on 5, 6 and 7 November. Come and get a free demo and more information about data sharing and TrackOnline CONNECT.