At the end of the year you run into it every year: the costs of returnable transport items (RTI’s). Throughout the year you probably haven’t noticed the occasional missing returnable transport items. Only when the balance is made, it has become a significant cost item. This often occurs every year. Start 2021 right and do something about it!

Invisible costs

It was a common problem among our customers when they were taking stock at the end of the year and were surprised by the costs associated with (reusable) packaging. It is a problem that occurs in every sector and reappears every year. The reason why packaging costs are so high at the end of the year: packaging losses.

Returnable transport items losses

Packaging is not easy to lose sight of, you might think because of the size. Nevertheless, it happens every year that packaging is stolen, such as auction carts that are stolen and the theft of bread crates. Often reusable packaging is stolen because of a deposit or in the case of a large number of stolen auction carts these are sold as scrap. Besides theft, packaging is sometimes missing as well. This occurs throughout the entire chain in which packaging is used to transport products. From manufacturer to supplier and from supplier to warehouse, retailer and seller. In the supply chain you have to deal with many parties, often even internationally. Sometimes a single returnable transport item is missing, but because you and your relationship don’t have a clear view on it, you can’t say exactly where it went wrong. Throughout the year these lost packaging items pile up and this results in a high cost of lost packaging at the end of the year.

Less packaging loss and overview

Returnable transport items are a necessary good to transport products, materials and parts unharmed. It is as it were the basis to get them to their destination, whether it is a warehouse or a salesman. Returnable transport items are an integral part of the logistic chain, but it does not have to be an annual burden.

By using reusable packaging and registering it, you always know how much packaging you have in your possession. You can easily register and administer load carriers with a packaging registration system, such as TrackOnline. Here you can indicate all your suppliers and types of packaging, such as plastic pallets, Danish containers, barrels and Broban crates.

Packaging is no longer quickly forgotten or lost, because you can keep track of transactions and cask receipts in TrackOnline.  This way you know the exact number of packaging types that are available for a specific customer. In case packaging is lost during a specific trip, you will be informed immediately. Maybe it’s a CC trolley that has been forgotten or is it invariably on the same ride, then you can investigate the cause of your packaging loss. Discussion with relationships are then no longer necessary, because you both have insight into this.

Begin 2021 without losing RTI’s

In this article we started with the sentence that packaging costs and packaging losses were a common problem with our customers every year. Our customers now use TrackOnline, so it is no longer a problem for them. With TrackOnline they have insight into where the returnable transport items are located and the packaging is no longer a high cost item at the end of the year.

Some reviews they gave:

– TrackOnline is a simple total solution for managing our Danish carts – Paul Zwinkels from Just Plants.

– This (TrackOnline) is the solution for our container control, we are very satisfied. – Bram from Andel from Palcoplant

– TrackOnline offers efficiency through fewer administrative actions and clear digital communication. – Peter van Gijlswijk of Quattro Plant

Do you no longer want to be confronted with (returnable transport item costs) surprises this year? Try TrackOnline 30 days for free. Would you prefer more information first, request the brochure or contact us.