Many organizations are not properly aware of the high costs associated with packaging losses. Furthermore, those organizations that are aware of these costs do not know where things are going wrong in the chain. But how do you prevent these high costs of packaging losses and reduce the missing packaging at the end of the year?

Packaging costs

Products transported to the customer are shipped on reusable or reusable packaging. These are for example Danish trolleys, CBL crates, bread crates, barrels or other load carriers. Packaging is seen as a necessary way to transport the products and often the importance of reusable packaging is forgotten and/or neglected. Any organization that buys or rents packaging is of course aware of the costs associated with the purchase of packaging. In principle, this should not be a problem if you keep the same amount of packaging every year, except for packaging that is damaged or has passed its useful lifetime. But the problem lies in the fact that many organizations have to deal with missing packaging. Because of this they are forced to buy extra packaging every year. These costs can be high whether it concerns a bread crate or a CC container.

Forced purchase of packaging

As an organization you always want to have enough load carriers available to transport your products. Because without bread crates you can’t transport the bread to the supermarket and without Danish carts the flowers won’t reach the end customer. When you see in the storage or in your Excel file that there is not enough packaging available, you have to buy or rent extra packaging. You are probably trying to find out where it went wrong with the missing packaging. But an Excel file or a paper administration only indicates that there is packaging missing and not where the problem lies. In order to prevent forced purchase of packaging, a proper online packaging registration is essential.

Avoiding packaging losses

It is important to avoid losing your Danish containers, trolleys, dolly’s and other cargo carriers. By registering your packaging online you avoid high costs of packaging losses. In the packaging registration platform TrackOnline you can easily register your Danish trolleys, barrels, CC containers and other load carriers. With just a few clicks you can register the quantities and see how much packaging is available at your relations. By means of packaging reports you can easily tune the packaging balance with your relations. This way everyone is aware of the quantities of packaging and you know exactly from whom you still receive packaging. This way you do not have to purchase or rent packaging over and over again and you reduce the cost of packaging.

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