Reusable packaging must be registered, a fact for everyone who uses reusable packaging. Not only high costs are associated with incorrect registration, but also a lot of time and frustration. The most efficient way of registering packaging is in an online packaging platform. In this article we explain how online returnable packaging management works and what the advantages are.

Manual vs. online packaging registration

Returnable packaging is often registered manually. Paper consignment bills and packing notes are archived in folders, which take up a lot of space. The required information is typed into Excel, which costs a lot of time and discipline. Moreover, this way of registering packaging is more error-sensitive.

When specific (packaging) information needs to be found or a transaction receipt is unreadable, those are the moments when it is important that data can be retrieved quickly online and you can coordinate it with a customer. This is easy with TrackOnline, the online returnable asset management platform. All types of load carriers, reusable and customized returnable transport items, are registered in one platform. Keep track of the quantities, types and locations of reusable packaging items. With online registration, the loss of packaging is counteracted, proven to be up to 32% less per year.

Register packaging online

Online packaging registration starts with the basics. In TrackOnline you need some information, such as the data of your own organization, the locations of relations and/or other branches, the carriers that transport the packaging and the types and quantities of packaging items. By entering this information in TrackOnline, you can immediately start making packaging transactions and manage your packaging flows.

Packaging transactions are easily created digitally in TrackOnline. By making a choice in type of transaction, such as an intake or a return, the data can be filled in with quantities and type of packaging, but also license plate number, trip number or a note can be added. In the attachments of a transaction it is possible to add documents, such as a photo or pdf document.

The packaging transactions are shown in an overview, where different statuses indicate where the transaction is located within the packaging process. This way you know exactly how much packaging is at each location and from whom you can expect to receive packaging in return!

Always control your returnable assets

When returnable assets leave your facility through a carrier to a customer, you want them to be able to easily view and process the packaging transaction. TrackOnline CONNECT gives your relations free access, so everyone is looking at the same data. When a relation receives the packaging, they can confirm this and digitally sign for it. If necessary, they can also add photos to the transaction. You are always up to date and in control, because you determine the various roles of your relations in TrackOnline.

Important packaging information directly visible

In TrackOnline you can set up your own dashboard, so the information you need is immediately available. By setting up the dashboard according to your own wishes, all the important information is put together and you can see at a glance what is important to you. It is also possible to create different dashboards that each meet the needs of different teams in an organization. An example of a dashboard is an interactive geographical map where you can immediately see the packaging balance for each location.

Less packaging loss through online registration

The challenge in returnable packaging are the losses. Many reusable packaging items are lost and because of the lack of insight it is impossible to find out where it went wrong. This leads to high costs for purchasing additional packaging. By registering the returnable packaging items online, the losses are reduced and you keep an overview of the amount of packaging at each location!

Curious how you can best register your returnable packaging online? Let us know below and we will contact you to make an appointment. Or create a free account and try TrackOnline for 30 days!