Incomplete administration, getting back and forth with your customer about missing carts or pallets. Things that take a lot of time. Time you can spend better. Read here how you can improve the processes in your supply chain.

Challenges in the supply chain

Logistics processes in the supply chain must be optimized. In floriculture, flowers leave the auction with the supplier and go to the customer, where they are sold to the consumer. Packaging such as barrels and stacking carts are used to transport the flowers. A process that involves a lot of administration, because all packaging must be registered. A lot of communication goes back and forth from the flower auctioneer to the customer. Questions such as “Why am I still missing 10 barrels?” and “Where are my stacking carts?” are discussed. Customer A is sure that he has sent the 10 barrels, because it is in his Excel file and customer B has just returned the stacking carts with the supplier. Then it’s your word against his. These and other challenges are easily solved by using an online platform with one truth. By registering the load carriers online, you know exactly how many carts and crates are at each location. Using the returnable packaging platform, you can easily send a balance reconciliation to relations and the quantities are immediately aligned online. With TrackOnline, you gain insight into all the processes in the logistics chain!

Optimize the logistics processes

Communication and administration problems are not exclusive to the floriculture industry. Every sector that uses load carriers to transport products faces these challenges. With the free functionality TrackOnline CONNECT, your customers can view the packaging administration free of charge. They are able to view the transactions and balances they have with you. Moreover, calling and emailing are history! In the platform you can easily chat with relations. The communication lines become shorter, paper administration is no longer necessary and the cooperation with your customers improves. Moreover, with TrackOnline CONNECT, your customers can also process their own administration in the packaging platform.

In short, what are the benefits of a digital collaboration in TrackOnline:

  • More accurate administration
  • One platform
  • Faster communication with customer and supplier
  • Faster balance confirmation
  • Transparency to supplier and customer
  • Less paper administration
  • Realtime insight into transactions
  • Better cooperation

Would you like to know more about improving processes in the logistics chain? Our account managers will be happy to discuss it with you and tell you more about the possibilities of optimization. Contact us or download the brochure for more information.