Today is World Environment Day. A day in which we reflect on our environment and raise awareness about it. At Bexter, sustainability is an important theme within our company. Our product TrackOnline has been developed from the point of view of cost savings and sustainability. We don’t express this often (enough) and World Environment Day is a good moment to improve our awareness of the environment and sustainability and how we apply it at Bexter.

Sustainable entrepreneurship

Nowadays, the question is no longer whether you include corporate social responsibility in your organization’s strategy, but what you do about it and how you are going to make it operational. Corporate social responsibility is under social pressure, but legislation and regulations also oblige organizations to implement sustainable business practices. However, being at the forefront of sustainable business gives organizations a greener image. Organizations can become very creative in creating innovations for a sustainable solution. Not surprising, since sustainable entrepreneurship has many advantages. For example, it saves costs through less waste and/or less purchase of raw materials, it increases the efficiency of business processes, motivates staff, gives you a better competitive position and leads to more innovation.

Circular Economy

The central government of the Netherlands has drawn up a plan in which they want to achieve a fully circular economy by 2050, in order to be more economical and smarter with raw materials, products and services. In this article we wrote about the circular economy and how you can apply this in your organization. Today, during World Environment Day, it is a good time to take another look at the circular economy and what it can mean for organizations.

Quote: ( former) Secretary of State Dijksma: ‘We have to get rid of the disposable culture and think differently about raw materials and waste. As early as the design of products, we have to consider how the raw materials can be reused again. This agreement lays the foundation for this recycling economy and is the first step towards tackling the waste of raw materials and the depletion of our planet’.

A circular returnable management system means that your returnable transport items (RTI’s) and other materials continue to be used in an infinite cycle. This is exactly where TrackOnline comes into play, because with the online packaging registration system you always know where your returnable transport items are and you don’t have to buy it again.

Reusable transport items are sustainable

Organizations that register returnable transport items have at some point considered the question of what type of packaging is purchased: single-use or reusable packaging. Reusable packaging, also known as multi-use packaging, is the sustainable option of these two types of packaging. Single-use packaging, such as disposable pallets, is exactly what we need to get rid of in order to achieve a circular economy. On the other hand, reusable packaging is applicable for a circular system because reusable packaging lasts longer and is sustainable.

Online packaging administration is sustainable

Do you no longer use loose paper folders for your packaging administration? Then you’re already on the right track! Online packaging registration is not only less prone to errors, it also saves a lot of paper. Just as you may have switched from paper folders to a handy digital version, you are now switching from paper administration to online packaging administration. Furthermore, online packaging management ensures efficiency in the chain. By this we mainly mean the logistics chain and the transport sector. Efficiency in the logistics chain results in less CO2 emissions in the retail sector. Transporters in the transport sector often drive several routes within a single journey, deliver returnable transport items and pick them up again. Insight into the numbers of returnable assets means that a transporter knows exactly what has to be picked up where and no unnecessary extra kilometers are driven.

What do you do about sustainable entrepreneurship and do you already use reusable transport items in an infinite cycle? Take the first step or a step further with your organization in sustainable entrepreneurship and help achieve the goal of the circular economy. Do you want to know how TrackOnline can help your organization with sustainable business practices and extend the lifespan of your returnable transport items? Please feel free to contact us.